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The foremost, original adventure company for 18-35's, Contiki creates eye-opening travel experiences for young travellers around the globe since 1962.

At Contiki, we have a way of life: #NOREGRETS.

We treat every day as a new adventure. We build friendships that last a lifetime. We live every day like it's our last and leave absolutely nothing behind. #NOREGRETS isn't just a travel philosophy; it's at the heart of everything we do. Life is there to be lived. Make sure you look back with #NOREGRETS.

SPC Card Offer - Save $150 on Contiki Holidays Offer
Book your Contiki Holiday of 7 days or longer and save $150 off the land tour price
Student Price Card
Conditions apply. Valid on Contiki Holidays tours 7 days or longer. Discount applies to cardholder only. Card must be presented prior to purchase. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.These offers are valid August 1st, 2014 until July 31st, 2015.

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Why travel with Contiki?

Our tours include more sights, more activities, more authentic local food and more spectacular places to stay. We give you tons of free time to relax, explore or just hang out. And wherever you go, your Contiki Crew is there to help you have the time of your life. Want to go on an adventure, but your friends can't join you? Don't wait. We create the journeys so you can create the stories. Make friends on the tour and start your story with us.

Independent travel isn't all it's cut out to be. Hidden costs & taxes, dodgy accommodation, over-inflated peak season prices, taxis & locally guided tours can all end up costing way more than you think. What's more, you have to sort it all yourself.

Contiki vs. Going it Alone

Your Day...

Going it alone

... Or you could do this

Wake up

7:30 Oh no! My alarm didn't wake me. Gotta grab my gear and get outta here. Better cab it to the station or I'll miss the train-- will have to miss breakfast instead. 7:00 All showered, dressed and ready for more adventures! Excited for what the day has in store for me...


8:00 Great, stuck with an overpriced juice and croissant (€5) because I had to buy them at the station, I was so looking forward to a proper breakfast because I don't know when I'll eat again. 7:30 That breakfast could fuel me for the day! Although we get plenty to eat later, anyway. Eggs, fruit, crepes-- I'm eating better here than at home, for sure. So fun talking about today's plans (ok, and last night's gossip!) over brekky. (Included.)


8:05 I can't tell where to buy tickets, all the signs are in Italian.
Well, that was cutting it close! Got a ticket (€34.40) but what a hassle, like that expensive taxi earlier (€20)
8:00 Wow, I feel bad for all those poor backpackers wandering around that crazy station! But not enough that I can't enjoy kicking back with my iPad for the train ride, LOL.


8:20 The train is packed, must've scored the last seat. I have a feeling the dude next to me's B.O. is only going to get worse as the trip progresses-- ugh, why me? 8:15 So much for the iTunes-- the cute guy I met last night has sat across from me! Ok, be cool. We're on tour all week together...

Coffee Break

9:30 Need my caffeine fix! And looks like there's a problem I can't fix -- nowhere to buy any. Looks like it's a bottle of water for me (€2) 9:30 And I thought the coffee at breakfast was good? Glad they brought us to this cool local café. (€1) Just sitting here I feel like I'm part of the culture.


11:00 I'm here! Except, I'm not exactly sure where "here" is-- my new guide book is already outdated. Wish I could check Google Maps, but I don't have a data plan! This bag is getting heavy... 11:00 Follow the leader! Our guide is taking us to our new digs, love his fun commentary on the way. (Included)


11:55 Another cab (€10), but at least I've arrived. The hotel is nice (€72.20), too bad it took so long to check-in. 11:30 This hotel is perfect, it's totally how I picture Europe! Also love that the driver brings our bags in. Already checked in and now checking out the sights! (Included)


1:15 Wandering lost around the city was not the sightseeing I had in mind! I'll hold off for now... need... food (€10) then hop on the Metro (€6) to go exploring. 2:30 12:00 Our Local Guide is so knowledgeable! Plus, his insider tips and tricks are super insightful and interesting. Seeing so much of this amazing city from this comfy coach! So good our group got to bypass that ridiculous line at the museum. (Included)

Fun Stuff

5:00 Getting tired of taking selfies! Wish I had someone who could photograph me standing by the river. Now to buy some souvenirs for back home. Wish I knew where to go and avoid the tourist traps. Need a quick snack. (€6) 5:00 Yay, I have shopping partner! AND she loves hats as much as I do! I feel like this trip is the most fun I've ever had. Ever. And we're only on Day 2!


7:00 What do I feel like for dinner? Aw, that big group on that bistro patio look like they're having so much fun. I won't eat there, I'll go somewhere quiet. This menu looks decent. (€25). 7:00 Yum! I need to learn how to say that in different languages! What an amazing meal, I love that it highlighted local ingredients and that the chef came out the kitchen to chat! (Included)


8:30 I guess it's good I'm tired, I'd be wanting to hit the town (ok, I still sorta do.) 8:30 Hitting up that bar the waiter recommended... Maybe I'll try that traditional liquer he told us about! I'm sure the others will too, they're so easygoing, I'm lucky.


€210.60. The day was fun, but costly. Hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful. €130 approx per day for the tour, plus our discount at museum (€16 approx) that included line-bypass (so worth it!) Wow, we totally crammed so much into a day, but I was comfortable and with awesome people. (Priceless)

Discount applies to land only. This excludes taxes, included internal flight costs, extra accommodation, any applicable food funds & optional activities. Final Payment is due 30th of April 2015. Combinable with loyalty discounts 'Travelling Again', 'Book with Friends', '2 or more' & 'Pay Early' discounts on trips of 7 days or longer. 'Pay Early' savings does not apply to bookings made within 45 days of trip departure & may not be combined with Last Minute Deals. Pay early savings of C$365 is based on the 34 day European Explorer. Discounts are subject to availability & may be withdrawn at any point without notice. Other restrictions may apply.