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Get a closer look at the aircraft you’ll be travelling on with Air Canada’s informative fleet guide. From Bombardier turbo-props and cozy Embraer jets to the advanced Boeing 777 and the much anticipated Dreamliner, all Air Canada aircraft types are explained.

Looking to book a bulkhead row or need to sit near a lavatory? Perhaps upgrade to a higher class of service? Air Canada’s detailed fleet guide explains everything from a cabin’s seat pitch to the power ports available and other entertainment features aboard each of their aircraft types.

Check out Air Canada’s full virtual tours or read up on your plane’s specifics such as engine type, range, cruising altitude and speed, special features for wheelchair accessibility and the number of aircrafts in Air Canada’s entire service fleet.

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Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER

The Air Canada B777-300ER (Extended Range) comes in two variants, both showcasing the airline's new interior. Both high-capacity versions offer three classes of service and all 19 planes of the model are used on Air Canada's intercontinental routes.

Version one offers 40 angled, flat-bed seats in the Business Class cabin, 24 recliner seats in Premium Economy and 336 Economy Class seats. Version two is configured with 28 Business Class seats (same angled layout), 24 in Premium Economy and 398 in Economy Class. Personal seat-back on-demand entertainment is available at all seats in both variants.

Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR

The Boeing B777-200LR (Long Range), by Air Canada, also comes in two variants; one, a two class configuration, the other offering three classes of service - both featuring the carrier's new interior. Air Canada's six planes of the model have been a staple on long-haul routes since 2007.

Version one offers passengers 40 open suites with lie-flat beds in Business Class and 260 Economy Class seats. Version two is larger, with the same 40 Business Class seats, 24 Premium Economy seats and 336 in Economy. All seats offer personal on-demand entertainment.

Air Canada Airbus A330-300

Used mainly on Air Canada's trans-Atlantic service to Europe, all A330-300s showcase the airline's updated interior. Again, there are two versions - a two and three-class configuration. Air Canada currently has eight A330-300s in its fleet.

The two-class version offers travellers 37-Classic Pod, angled open suites in Business Class and 228 Economy Class seats. The three-class version has 27 Classic Pods in Business Class, adds 21 Premium Economy seats, and sits 244 Economy Class guests. Each seat in all classes offers personal on-demand entertainment.

Air Canada Boeing 787-9

All 23 of Air Canada's widebody B787-900 Dreamliners fly the airline's long-haul routes, featuring three classes of service. Constructed of composite materials, they are fuel efficient and are some of the quietest high-capacity jets in the sky.

Thirty lie-flat beds in angled individual suites grace Business Class, with 21 seats in Premium Economy and another 247 in Economy Class. All seats feature personal touch-screen on-demand entertainment and power ports are available throughout.

Air Canada Boeing 787-8

Used on long-haul routes between Canada and Australia, Israel and Japan, Air Canada's B787-8s offer travellers three classes of service, including individual pods in Business Class. It is a smaller version of the B787-9 and there are eight in Air Canada's fleet.

In Business Class, the fully lie-flat beds feature a massage function and aisle access for every seat. There are 20 Business Class seats onboard, along with 21 in Premium Economy Class and 210 Economy Class seats. Personal touch-screen entertainment is available at every seat.

Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER

Saved mainly for Air Canada's medium-haul and trans-continent routes, the B767-300ER (Extended Range) features two classes of service. Air Canada currently has nine in its fleet.

On board, rows one through eight feature 24 angled, individual suites in Business Class, each with a fully lie-flat bed and direct aisle access. Economy Class is comprised of 187 seats, in a 2-3-2 configuration. Personal touch-screen TVs are at every seats.

Air Canada Airbus A321-200

The narrow-body Airbus A321-200 comes in two versions for Air Canada, both in a two-class configuration. The airline currently operates 15 A321-200s.

In both variants, the Business Class cabin is laid out in a 2-2 format, with 3-3 in Economy Class. The are 14 and 16 Business Class seats in the two versions, and the same 169 Economy Class on both. Expect personal touch-screen TVs at every seat in both variants and in both classes.

Air Canada Airbus A320-200

This is Air Canada's newest configuration of the A320-200, of which Air Canada flies 42 of. The narrow-body jet features two cabins and is used primarily on medium-haul domestic and trans-border routes.

There are 14 Business Class seats on board, and another 132 in Economy Class. Like the A321-200, Business Class is laid out as 2-2 seating, with Economy Class at 3-3. Air Canada is currently upgrading the entertainment system and only some of the planes offer seat-back entertainment. On yet to be refurbished planes, TVs drop down from the ceiling. Bring your own headphones or buy on board.

Air Canada Airbus A319-100

An older version of the A320, the A319 is another narrow-body jet, with 18 in Air Canada's fleet. There are two cabin classes on board in the typical 2-2 lay-out in Business Class, and 3-3 in Economy.

Used on domestic and trans-border routes, there are 14 Business Class seats on board and 106 Economy Class seats. All A319s have been fitted with personal seat-back entertainment. Headphones are available for purchase on board or you can bring your own.

Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8

The newest addition to Air Canada's fleet is the highly anticipated Boeing 737 MAX, of which Air Canada currently has two, with more on order. The highly fuel-efficient, ultra passenger friendly jet currently operates Air Canada's North American routes.

The Business Class cabin holds 16 seats in a 2-2 configuration, with another 153 in Economy Class, laid out as 3-3. All seats on board offer personal seat-back TVs, featuring 100s of hours of on-demand entertainment, games and wellness applications.

Air Canada Embraer E190

The Embraer E190 is deployed on Air Canada's short-haul domestic and transborder service, with 25 planes in its fleet. The plane offers travellers two cabin classes.

Business Class is laid out as 1-2, of which there are 9 seats. Behind this cabin, 88 Economy Class seats complete the plane in a 2-2 configuration. Seat-back entertainment is available throughout. For the most room in Economy Class, choose a seat before the wings, as an extra row is added to the rear of the cabin resulting in less legroom.

Air Canada Embraer E175

Operated by Sky Regional for Air Canada, the Embraer E175 handles many of Air Canada's short-haul domestic and transborder routes. Air Canada currently counts 25 in its fleet.

Like the E190, there are two cabin classes on board. Business Class is offered in a 1-2 configuration with 12 seats, with 64 in Economy Class in a 2-2 layout. Personal touch-screen TVs are at every seat and headphones are available for purchase if you've forgotten your own.

Air Canada Bombardier CRJ900

Air Canada Jazz currently operates 21 CRJ900s, used predominantly on domestic short-haul service.

The Business Class cabin, configured 1-2, features 12 seats, followed by 64 in Economy Class in a 2-2 layout. All seats in both classes are fitted with personal seat-back entertainment as well as USB ports.

Air Canada Bombardier CRJ100/200

The Canadian-made Bombardier CRJ100/200 is a small, single-class jet operated by Air Canada Jazz used on short-haul domestic and transborder routes.

The single Economy Class cabin holds 50 seats in a 2-2 configuration. There are no entertainment options or USB ports onboard. Due to its size, carry-on baggage is limited and even some standard carry-on bags have to be stowed in the cargo hold (free of charge).

Air Canada Bombardier Q400 (DH4)

The 'Q' stands for 'quiet'. Air Canada's 44 Bombardier Q400 are operated by Jazz and Air Canada Express on short domestic and transborder runs.

The single cabin aircraft accommodates 78 Economy Class seats in a 2-2 configuration. Much like the slightly larger CRJ, there is no entertainment or USB ports onboard, and carry-on luggage is limited due to space. Standard (rolling) carry-on bags must be stowed in the belly at no cost.

Air Canada Bombardier Dash 8-300 (DH3)

Air Canada's 26 Bombardier de Havilland Dash 8-300s, operated by Air Canada Jazz, are small regional turbo-propelled planes used on short domestic routes.

The plane holds a single Economy Class cabin comprised of 50 non-reclining seats in a 2-2 configuration. There is no entertainment on board and inflight service is limited. Standard size carry-on bags are stowed in the cargo hold at no charge.

Air Canada Bombardier Dash 8-100 (DH1)

All 16 of Air Canada's Dash 8-100s are operated by Air Canada Jazz, deployed for short domestic flights. The 'turbo-prop' is a smaller version of the Dash 8-300.

Economy Class consists of 37 non-reclining seats in a 2-2 configuration, and is the only class onboard. Inflight service is limited and there are no entertainment options. All bags, except for smaller personal items, are permitted in the cabin due to the plane's small size, and are stowed, free of charge, below.