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3 Ways to Check your Air France Flight Status

Schedule changes, flight delays and cancellations happen. Checking on your Air France flight status ensures you don't miss your flight if it happens to you. Track your upcoming flight with ease and convenience using any of these three methods.

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1. Check your Air France Flight Status on

Now that you've booked your Air France flight, keep an eye on it! By visiting, those with a confirmed reservation can monitor their flight with ease and accuracy.

To check your flight status with Air France, locate your departing or arriving flight by Air France flight number and date of travel, or by searching, using your departure and arrival cities. Any schedule changes, delays or cancellations will be displayed here.

2. Check using the Air France App

Check your Air France flight status on any internet enabled mobile phone by downloading the free Air France app. More than just a flight status tool, the Air France mobile app lets you manage your reservations, check-in for flights, display your boarding pass at security checkpoints, and more.

3. Check with Google

It doesn't get easier than this! If you already search with Google, simply type in your Air France flight number (ex: Air France 139), search, and you're set. Not only will the world's smartest search engine show you the most up-to-date departure and arrival times, it will also give you important terminal and gate information too.