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Two Ways to Check your British Airways Flight Status

For each way to check your flight status (and if there's only one way then remove the "X ways to") make the method and H2 with a short description.

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British Airways Economy

  • Departs April 24, 2021

Avoid long airport waits. Alert your taxi of a later departure. Advise whomever is picking you up of your ETA. Or, simply stay informed. Access the British Airways flight status tracker via the mobile app or website. Saving time is as precious as time itself.

Check British Airways Flight Status Online

From your desktop or mobile, you may check the flight status of any British Airways route at any time. Even if you are not a passenger of a British Airways flight, you are able to access this information on the website. The airports serving your British Airways flights may also offer a flight status tracker on their websites.

Check Flight Status with British Airways App

If you're flying British Airways, you may wish to download the app for Android and iPhone prior to departure for easy check-in. It becomes a handy flight status tool to see if your route is without delays, and if there are any, to make necessary arrangements in advance. If nothing else, it's fun to see where your airplane is or the one a loved one is arriving on!