British Airways Cabin Classes

From British Airways First Class to its Economy cabin, any option with the carrier is the civilized way to travel. More money spent of course means additional perks and comfort. Not sure if it's worth spending more for with British Airways Business Class when Premium Economy may be what you need? Possibly. Let us help you navigate your options.

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British Airways Economy

  • Departs December 13, 2023


The standard British Airways economy seat comes with services and amenities to make your voyage as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Route and aircraft type will affect what is included, but British Airways strives to give the utmost attentive service. British Airways remains one of the few big carriers that includes alcoholic beverages on domestic flights at no extra charge, if you fancy a tipple midair! (We assure you this has nothing to do with the infamous Mile High Club.) Please be aware that offerings may be subject to change at any time.

International Economy British Airways flights from Canada include:

  • Hot meals and snacks included. Halal, vegetarian and specialty requests are accommodated by advising at least 24 hours before your flight departs.
  • Bottled water, juices, sodas, beer, wine and spirits.
  • On-demand entertainment including new release movies, TV shows and music
  • Complimentary noise-reduction headphones
  • In-flight magazine and duty-free menu
  • Individual in-seat power for devices (may vary depending on aircraft

Premium Economy

How do you get priority boarding, increased baggage allowance and roomier seating without breaking the bank? British Airways Premium Economy is the answer. Called World Traveller Plus, passengers in this more spacious cabin will enjoy:

  • Wider seats and more elbow and leg room than Economy
  • One additional checked bag
  • Delicious three-course meals with fine china and linen
  • Bottled water, juices, sodas, beer, wine and spirits.
  • Personal entertainment system with complimentary headphones
  • Priority boarding ahead of Economy
  • Cushion, blanket and amenities kit

Expect to pay an extra $200 or more for this cabin upgrade, but for the difference in experience, we think it is well worth the price difference. In comparison to the British Airways Business Class cabin, it is dramatically more affordable. World Traveller Plus is available on A380, Boeing 787, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200 and 767 aircraft.

Business Class

Travel in style and comfort onboard British Airways Business Class. Your British Airways business class seats will either be in Club Europe, if flying within the UK or Europe, or Club World on international flights. (There is also a Club World London City, which operates flights between London City LCY and New York JFK.) Club Europe. British Airways business class seats include:

  • Dedicated check-in desk
  • Access to the exclusive British Airways lounge
  • Priority boarding
  • Attentive service
  • Delicious meals and assortment of snacks
  • Premium bar selections
  • Roomy, contoured leather seats with extra space for working
  • In-seat light, charging ports and personal screen
  • LED cabin lighting that adjust to help you relax
  • Flat beds on longhaul flights to get a good rest
  • Two free checked bags
  • Two free carry-on bags (one cabin-sized and one laptop, purse, etc.)

First Class

First Class British Airways seats are available on select international flights. Passengers in this cabin will enjoy dedicated service, elegant and understated surroundings and exceptional comfort. There are many indulgences and amenities you can expect in British Airways first class, including:

  • access to luxurious lounges and spa treatments
  • boarding first, with menu and bar items available as you settle in
  • your own private, spacious suite
  • a fully flat bed with mattress, sumptuous pillow, soft cotton pajamas and duvet
  • luxury amenity kit
  • personal power outlet for laptops and electronic devices
  • delicious dining on fine china, whenever you wish
  • exclusive and attentive service