Lufthansa Check-In: Ways to Check-In for your Lufthansa Flight

Checking-in for your Lufthansa flight has never been easier. Whether you use your mobile device when travelling or prefer the classic airport check-in option, Lufthansa's got you covered. View all your Lufthansa check-in options and note the strict check-in cut-off times.

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1. Lufthansa Online Check-In

Quick and easy, Lufthansa's online check-in option saves travellers precious time at the airport. Avoid long check-in lines and breeze through to your gate, ready to travel.

When you register for your flight in advance, you can select the seat of your choice, add your frequent flyer account number and even print your own boarding pass. If a printer isn't handy, you can choose to have it sent to your mobile device to show at airport security checkpoints, or print it using an airport kiosk.

Once you have your boarding pass, if you are travelling with just your carry-on luggage, you can proceed directly to your gate. If you have luggage to check, simply drop it off at a self-service baggage drop counter and you're good to go.

Locate your reservation, using your name and either your booking reference, ticket number or your Miles & More account number. Check-in online now!

Please note: if you are travelling on a codeshare flight operated byanother carrier, please check-in with the operating airline.

2. Lufthansa App Check-In

Check-in using your smartphone or tablet by downloading the handy Lufthansa app. Check-in using the app and automatically receive your boarding pass on your mobile device. Mobile boarding passes make flying easier, while also allowing Lufthansa passengers the ability to select seats, change their flights, and more.

Similar to checking-in online, travellers who receive their mobile boarding pass can head straight to their gate after clearing airport security, if not travelling with checked luggage. Those that need to check a bag can do so using a self-service baggage drop counter.

3. Lufthansa Check-in at the Airport

Those unable to check-in online with Lufthansa can do so in-person at their departing airport. Self-service check-in kiosks are available at most international airports worldwide, and are able to issue boarding passes, allocate seats, and more.

If there isn't a kiosk available, check-in can be completed by visiting a staffed Lufthansa check-in counter. Any bags to be checked can be checked at this time. Once you obtain your boarding pass and check any necessary bags, you can proceed through airport security to your gate.

Please note: if you are travelling on a codeshare flight operated by another carrier, please check-in with the operating airline.

Lufthansa Check-in Times

Online check-in, whether at or via the Lufthansa mobile app, opens up to 23-hours before your scheduled flight and closes 1-hour prior to departure.

For those checking-in at the airport, it is recommended that you arrive between 2-3 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Airport check-in closes 1-hour prior to departure.

Please note: if you are travelling on a codeshare flight operated by another carrier, please check-in with the operating airline.