Checking your Lufthansa Flight Status

Stay on top of your travel plans with Lufthansa's handy flight status tool. Check the status of incoming and outgoing flights, getting the most up-to-date departure and arrival times with just a few keystrokes. Checking your Lufthansa flight status has never been easier!

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  • Departs December 24, 2023
  • Departs January 17, 2024

If you are travelling on a codeshare flight operated by an airline other than Lufthansa, please check your reservation with the operating carrier.

Check the Lufthansa Website

The Lufthansa website has a wealth of information, including the option for Lufthansa travellers to check a flight's status. Search by departure and arrival cities and date of travel, or just departure date and flight number, and receive real-time information including updated departure and arrival times, as well as important gate and terminal information.

To receive Automated Flight Status Notifications via SMS/text messaging, add your contact phone number to your booking on the Lufthansa site. In the event of a schedule change, flight disruption or cancellation, you will be notified with an electronic message informing you of the changes incurred.

Use the Lufthansa App

Available at the App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store and BlackBerry World, the Lufthansa travel app is all you need to manage your Lufthansa reservation. Check your flight status and check-in for your flight through the app and be automatically notified of any changes pertaining to your scheduled departure.

Travelling with children? Lufthansa offers two travel apps for children, one for those aged 3 and above, the other for seven to eleven year-olds. All Lufthansa travel apps can be downloaded to any internet enabled tablet or smartphone.

Flight Number Handy? Check Google

For those using the Google search engine, you can check your Lufthansa flight status simply by searching for it. Google will return your query with the most up-to-date flight information, including departure and arrival times, as well as terminal and gate information, if available.

Remember, if you are travelling on a codeshare flight with a Lufthansa flight number that is operated by another carrier, please search for the flight number of the operating airline.