Qantas flight status

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Check the status of your Qantas flight, set up email or text notifications and never miss a flight again. Whether you're picking-up or dropping off friends or family or simply checking on your own departure, stay informed with the Qantas Flight Status tool.

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Find your flight by Date, Route or Flight Number and by Departures or Arrivals and you're set. Qantas Flight Status information provides travellers, or those picking-up or dropping off travellers, with real-time information on the flight they are tracking, including the most-up-to-date arrival and departure times, any schedule changes, delays or cancellations, terminal and gate information and more.

Alternatively, you can also call Qantas Reservations to reconfirm your flight.

Qantas Flight Notifications

Once you've found the Qantas flight you're wanting to track using the Flight Status tool, you can register to receive instant Flight Notifications. Instead of checking your Flight Status repeatedly, Qantas will check it for you and send you a text message should anything to do with your flight change.

What other benefits can notifications provide? For details and examples of instances when you'd be notified, please visit the Qantas Flight Notifications FAQ page.