United Airlines baggage

Travel worry-free knowing you’ve met all of United Airlines’ carry-on andchecked baggageguidelines and restrictions. Your free baggage allowance has limitationsyou should know about, including size and weight restrictions and the number ofbags allowed onboard and in the cargo hold. Travelling with oversized items,sports equipment, pets or firearms? Keep reading.

Whether you are travelling trans-border or simply connecting through the U.S. toanother international destination, there are things to consider baggage-wise.Both carry-on goods and checked items have weight and size restrictions and allare subject to excess baggage fees if not adhered to.

The following are some general guidelines to help you have the seamless journeyyou deserve. If you have specific questions not outlined here, speak to your Flight Centre travel agentor United Airlines directly.

Please note that for safety reasons, United Airlines does not providecarriage of hoverboards, spare lithium batteries or Samsung Galaxy Note7 devicesas either checked or carried-on baggage.

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United Airlines Economy

United Airlines Checked Baggage

Your United Airlines checked baggage allowance is determined by your faretype/class of service, your MileagePlus status (if applicable) as wellas your destination. To avoid overweight/oversized baggage charges, each checkedbag cannot exceed the following dimensions:

All standard luggage must have a maximum exterior total of no more than62-inches/158cms (length+width+height), including wheels and handles.

The per bag maximum weight restrictions are based on your class of serviceand/or your MileagePlus status. If you qualify for different allowancesbased on your class of service and your MileagePlus status, the largerof the two allowances apply.

By Class of Service:

  • Economy Class       50lbs/23kg
  • Business Class       70lbs/32kg
  • First Class       70lbs/32kg
  • United Polaris First      70lbs/32kg
  • United Polaris Business      70lbs/32kg

By MileagePlus Status:

  • Premier Silver       50lbs/23kg
  • Premier Gold       70lbs/32kg
  • Premier Platinum      70lbs/32kg
  • Premium 1K       70lbs/32kg
  • Star Alliance Gold*       70lbs/32kg

*For travel in Business, First or United Polaris Business Class only.

If your checked baggage exceeds the above size and/or weight restrictions,please visit Uniteds Overweight,Oversized and Excess Baggage page for fees.

United Airlines Flights to theU.S.

Based on your class of service, United Airlines may charge for any and allchecked bags to/from the U.S., if that is your final destination.

If you are flying in Uniteds Economy Class cabin and meet theweight and size guidelines above, your first bag will cost $25CAD to check-in. Asecond checked bag will cost $35CAD. A third and any additional bag will cost$150CAD.

For those travelling in either Business Class or FirstClass, 2-checked bags meeting the above requirements are allowed, freeof charge.

United Airlines International Flights

Based on your class of service, United Airlines extends the following freebaggage allowance to international travellers connecting through the U.S.

If you are flying in Uniteds Economy Class cabin and meet thechecked baggage size and weight restrictions above, you may check-in 1 bag freeof charge. A second bag meeting the above standards will cost $100CAD.

For those travelling in either Business Class or FirstClass, 2-checked bags meeting the above guidelines are allowed, free ofcharge.

For more specific checked baggage information, please visit the UnitedAirlines Baggage FAQs page.

United Airlines Carry-on Baggage

Every passenger travelling with United Airlinesis permitted 1 personal item as carry-on baggage, free of charge. The dimensionsof this piece cannot exceed 9x10x17 inches or 22x25x43 cms (length, width,height). The item must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of youand usually consists of a purse, briefcase, small backpack or laptop bag.

If you are travelling on a Basic Economy fare, this is the onlyitem you are allowed onboard, free of charge. If you wish to carry-on anythinglarger up to a standard carry-on suitcase, it will have to be checked andtreated as such at a cost of $25CAD.

With all other fare types and classes of service, a standcarry-on suitcase not exceeding 9x14x22 inches or 22x35x56 cms (length, width,height), in addition to your personal item, is allowed, free of charge.

All travellers are also invited to bring the following on board, inaddition to the bag and personal item listed above; a coat/jacket orumbrella, reading material, food or merchandise purchased at the airport,FAA-approved child safety seat, diaper bag, breast pump, assistive device(collapsible wheelchair, crutches, cane, portable oxygen, etc.) and petcarrier*.

*Please note that advance reservations are required for pets in-cabin. Pleasecheck UAs travellingwith pets policy for details and associated fees.

For anyone travelling with fragile items, musical or sports equipment, checkUAs detailed carry-onbaggage information page.