United Airlines fleet

From cozy Embraer turboprops to the iconic B747 and the technically advanced Dreamliner, United Airlines operates a varied fleet of aircraft to best maximize comfort and efficiency onevery route possible. Get familiar with what youll be flying on when bookingyour next United Airlines flight.

Your United Airlines flight from Canada to any of Uniteds seven U.S. hubs canbe on a variety of the following planes, including smaller, turbo-propelledaircraft operated by United Express, which also fly many regional routes withinthe U.S. International flights leaving from the U.S. will be on larger Airbus orBoeing jets.

Detailed seat maps and aircraft specifications can be found on United Airlines Aircraft page.

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United Airlines Economy

United Express Aircraft

The European-built ATR 42 and Canadas Bombardier Q200 (DH2) are both twin-engine turboprops, and are United Express smallest planes used on short-haul regional routes. Configured 2 - aisle - 2, they have a single Economy Class cabin seating less than 50 guests. Seats do not recline and even standard carry-on luggage cant be stowed in overhead bins. Such bags are instead flown in the belly of the plane at no extra charge.

Brazilian Embraer 135/145 jets are a little larger and feature two classes of service, United Economy and United Economy Plus. Plus seats are basically the bulkhead and exit row of the aircraft offering more legroom. They are configured 1 - aisle - 2 and accommodate between 37-50 passengers. In contrast, Embraer 170/175 models offer three cabin classes, adding 6-12 United First Class seats to the front of the plane. Both models have Wi-Fi capability throughout the aircraft and a capacity for 70-76 total passengers.

The Bombardier CRJ 200 is United smallest jet aircraft, offering guests 13 rows of seating with a 2 - aisle - 2 layout. There are 50 United Economy seats, and 4 United Economy Plus seats in the first (bulkhead) row of the plane. The Bombardier CRJ 700 is a larger version with a defined 6-seat United First cabin, 16 Economy Plus seats and 48 seats in Economy Class. Like the Q200, standard-size carry-on bags dont fit overhead bins and must be stored below at no charge.

United Airlines Aircraft

Narrowbody Airbus A319/320 jets are used on medium-haul routes and offer three classes of service, United Economy, Economy Plus as well as United First. The First cabin is configured 2 - aisle - 2 while the rest of the plane features 3 - aisle - 3 seating. Wi-Fi is available throughout the aircraft and all First and Plus seats are fitted with in-seat power. The A319/320 models can accommodate 128/150 total passengers.

The Boeing B737 (700-800-900) family of planes provide travellers with United Economy, Economy Plus and United Business seating in three separate cabins. The 12 Business Class seats offer a 2 - aisle - 2 layout with a 3 - aisle - 3 design for the rest of the plane. All seats on board are fitted with in-seat power, Wi-Fi and DIRECTV seatback entertainment (complimentary in Business Class). Seating capacity is 118-179.

Another often used narrowbody plane is the Boeing B757-200/300.The twin-engine jet can accommodate between 142-216 total passengers in a 3-cabin system. It is the smallest plane to feature Uniteds signature Polaris Business Class cabin of angled seats (2 - aisle - 2) for more room. The Plus and Economy Class cabins offer a 3 - aisle - 3 layout. Wi-Fi and complimentary on-demand seatback entertainment is available at every seat.

The Extended Range Boeing B767-300ER is fitted with four cabin classes, including United Polaris First, Polaris Business, United Economy Plus and United Economy. While all 6 Polaris First seats are angled (1-1-1), forward facing seats, the 26 that make up the Polaris Business Class (2-2-2) cabin are a mix of forward and rear facing seats. Both the Plus and Economy Class cabins feature a 2-3-2 layout.

The -400ER variant of the B767 doesnt offer a First Class cabin and its Polaris Business Class seating features a 2-1-2 configuration. USB ports, power outlets and Wi-Fi is available throughout, as is on-demand seatback entertainment. The B767-300/400 can accommodate between 142-216 passengers.

Like the B767-300, the widebody Boeing B747-400 Jumbo Jet is a 4-class jet fitted with the new Polaris seats in forward-facing First and mix-facing Business Class cabins, both on the upper (the bump) and lower decks of the plane. Seatback on-demand entertainment is offered in First and Business while the Plus and Economy cabins feature classic main screen viewing, with Wi-Fi available throughout. Economy and Plus cabins have a 3-4-3 layout while Business guests enjoy a 2-3-2 configuration. Spacious First Class is 1-2-1. The iconic aircraft has room for 374 total passengers.

Uniteds Boeing B777-200 is used on many long-haul inter-continental routes and comes in 4 different versions, offering three or four cabin classes. Certain models feature a Polaris First Class cabin while others top out with Polaris Business Class. Seats in both extend to fully lie-flat beds. Expect a wide array of on-demand seatback audio and video entertainment and Wi-Fi capability in all classes of service.

The -300 variant of the B777 features a large Polaris Business Class cabin seating 60, 102 Economy Plus seats and 204 seats in Economy Class. USB ports, power outlets and Wi-Fi is available throughout, as is on-demand seatback entertainment. Depending on the B777 model, total capacity ranges between 266 and 366 passengers.

Uniteds latest aircraft is the Boeing B787-800/900 Dreamliner. Widely regarded as the most technologically advanced aircraft flying, the mid-size, wide-body, twin-engine jetliner is made of lightweight composite materials for greater fuel efficiency and a fly-by-wire control system. It has the largest windows of any aircraft and instead of plastic window shades, a smart glass design is used to dim or brighten windows. The cabin pressure, air quality and the advanced lighting system is said to ease jet lag and provide the most comfortable flying experience.

Uniteds Dreamliners offer 3 cabin classes; Polaris Business Class, Economy Plus and Economy Class. Many of the onboard features are similar to the B777 in terms of entertainment and seating, as well as onboard amenities. In total, the Dreamliner can accommodate between 219 and 252 passengers.