United Airlines flight status

Uniteds flight status feature lets you keep on top of any United Airlines and United Express flight disruptions, including schedule changes, flight delays or cancellations. Track incoming and/or outgoing flights with up-to-the-minute departure and arrival times, as well as important terminal and gate information - all at your fingertips.

Uniteds flight status and information page keeps travellers in the loop with real-time itinerary updates, flight change or cancellation notifications and more. Find your flight by date and flight number or simply by entering your departing city and destination. Times listed are the most up-to-date and reflect any schedule disruptions made by the airline.

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Now and then, we all need a little reminder. If you are a MileagePlus member, United Airlines rewarding frequent flyer program, you can sign up to receive instant flight status notifications electronically. This easy management system will remind you of check-in times, when to obtain your boarding pass and will also advise you of any itinerary changes.

Sign up for Flight Reminders, your ultimate United Airlines travel management tool. Add your email address and phone number to receive SMS texts or email notifications based on your preferred settings.

Theres weather and then theres airport weather. Most flight delays or cancellations are weather related, either at point of departure or at destination. Check specific United Airline hubs or your departure and arrival city for the latest airport weather forecast using city name, region or zip code.

Stay informed and keep on time. The flight status tool is all you need to track a flight when picking up or dropping off friends or family on a United Airlines or United Express flight anywhere in the world.