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US Airways Flights

US Airways is among the world’s major airlines, operating over 3,200 flights daily. It is also a member of the Star Alliance, the largest and oldest airline alliance, providing you with a more comprehensive and efficient travel experience.

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As of October, 2015, U.S. Airways completed their merger with American Airlines and ceased operations as U.S. Airways. Please refer to our American Airlines page for all relevant information.

US Airways First Class

US Airways First Class travellers have special airport check in counters and priority boarding and baggage handling.

Seats are wider and more comfortable, with ample legroom. The cabin offers a peaceful environment, perfect for relaxation, work or sleep (seats recline to a near-lying position or full flat bed.) For flights over 3.5 hours, three-course hot meals are served along with premium alcoholic beverages.

US Airways Express now offers first class cabins, which means more luxury seating and increased upgrade options for Preferred members.

US Airways International Business Class - Envoy

Envoy is US Airways’ international business class cabin, a quiet and comfortable environment. Spacious, private seating, restaurant-quality meals and hours of entertainment ensure you arrive at your destination primed to do business. Seats have power outlets for your laptop and handheld devices.

Envoy customers also have US Airways Club lounge access, and priority check in and baggage handling. For flights within the U.S., this cabin will be First Class.

Economy Class

Most US Airways aircraft has on-demand entertainment on individual screens located in the seat backs. Seats, on average, have 33 inches between them. Recline and enjoy a copy of US Airways magazine. Menu selections are both tasty and healthy, and special meals orders can be placed 24 hours in advance for any dietary restrictions.

Checking In

Choose from four convenient methods of checking in:

  1. Airport Check in: the traditional form of checking in
  2. Electronic Kiosk Check In: located near the US Airways counter, the kiosks allow you to by-pass lines by checking yourself in.
  3. Online Check In: using the Internet, you may check-in up to 24 hours in advance, and print your boarding pass immediately after checking-in to avoid line-ups.
  4. Curbside Check In: A quicker way to check-in; charges apply (typically $2 USD per bag) have your credit card ready for payment.

US Airways Checked Baggage Policy

When flying US Airways, please note both Economy Class and First Class allows up to 9 baggage items, not weighing more than 23-32 kgs each and length, width, height not exceeding 158 cm. Fees are applied to extra Economy Class baggage, for First Class passengers these fees are waived.

Baggage allowance depends on your destination, and certain routes will require baggage fees. You may wish to check out this link to the US Airways site before you check in!

Carry-On Baggage Policy

US Airways allows one carry-on piece, weighing no more than 18 kgs and no bigger than 115 cm (length, width, height) at no charge.

In addition to the carry-on piece, items like laptops, purses, pillows, etc are permitted at no extra charge.

Special Baggage

Typically, specialty items like scuba equipment and sports gear are allowed on board, but consult just to be sure. For travelling with pets, please see here:

US Airways Clubs & Lounges

First Class, Envoy and US Airways Club® members can access all US Airways Club lounges and Star Alliance lounges. These lounges offer full business amenities, wireless Internet, relaxing seating, TV, newspapers, complimentary snacks, bar selections and more.

*Conditions Apply: