WestJet baggage

Baggage rules change. Find out what you can bring on board, how much luggage you can check for free, size and weight restrictions and how certain items should be packed for a seamless journey on WestJet’s detailed baggage information page.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck at the airport with excess baggage, oversized luggage that wasn’t considered oversized last year or having items confiscated because they were packed wrong.  Repacking at the airport is never fun and neither is paying unexpected exorbitant excess baggage fees.

Avoid these airport horrors by being prepared and knowing the rules. Remember too, that each airline may operate using different rules, so if your travel is with more than one carrier, don’t forget to check the policy of each operating airline on your itinerary. Furthermore, the class of service, and sometimes even a fare type within a certain class, can determine how much you can travel with for free.

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WestJet Economy

WestJet Baggage Allowance

With WestJet and WestJet Encore, guests can check bags up to 157cm/62 inches in combined dimensions (length + width + height) and weighing no more than 23kg/50lbs each, up to a maximum of four bags per person (conditions apply � see Excess Baggage section below).

Oversized and Overweight Bags

Each bag weighing more than 23kg/50lbs to a maximum of 45kg/100lbs will be charged $75-$88.50CAD, depending on its weight.

Each oversized bag measuring between 158cm/62 inches and 203cm/80 inches in combined dimensions (length + width + height) will be charged $75-$88.50CAD, depending on its size.

Carry-on Baggage

Each guest in a paid seat (excluding an infant on lap) is allowed to bring one carry-on bag PLUS one personal item onboard.

The carry-on bag cannot exceed 53cm x 23cm x 38cm (21” x 9” x 15”) and must fit in a WestJet sizing device at the check-in counter. These items generally include a small suitcase, backpack or bag.

Your personal item cannot exceed 41cm x 15cm x 33cm (16” x 6” x 13”) and usually constitutes a purse or briefcase, laptop, camera or garment bag, small musical instrument or small pet kennel.

In addition to the above, guests are permitted the following: a diaper bag, an approved infant car seat, a collapsible stroller, duty free items, consumable food items, mobility devices and personal electronic devices, among others. For a complete list of acceptable items, visit the WestJet carry-on policy page.

Please note that carry-on baggage is subject to space availability. If space on board is not available, carry-on items will be placed in the inaccessible checked baggage hold to be returned upon landing, free of charge.

Excess Baggage

Please note that third and fourth pieces are accepted on a space-available basis to/from all destinations except Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago (2 pieces max per person). In addition, all flights with WestJet Encore or on WestJet flights using by the Bombardier Q400 aircraft, only three checked bags per person maximum are accepted due to limited space.

Fees on the above checked items may apply and are based on the fare level purchased, as well as where you are travelling to and from. For more on baggage fees charged, visit WestJet’s service fees page. All excess baggage fees must be paid online during the check-in process or at the airport kiosk or service counter.

Pets, Sporting Equipment and more

For details on travelling with pets, weapons and sporting equipment, fragile or special items for carriage, please visit WestJet’s detailed baggage information page.

Note: Airline baggage policies are subject to change by the airline or civil aviation law at any time. Please use the above information as a guide only and visit the airline’s website for the most up-to-date allowances and restrictions.