WestJet flight status

Did you know that it’s the traveller’s responsibility to reconfirm their flight times prior to heading to the airport? Schedule changes by the airline do occur and if a flight is changed within 24-hours to departure, the airline may not advise the travel agent or even the traveller of the new flight information directly.

Missed flights due to airline schedule changes are an all too common misfortune that can easily be avoided if flight times are reconfirmed in advance. You can do this simply by checking your flight times, flight numbers and routing during WestJet’s online check-in process, open to travellers 24-hours prior to departure and up to 60-minutes before take-off.

If a flight has been changed or cancelled by WestJet, contact your travel agent (if you booked through an agent or on our site) or the airline immediately. Often, a cancelled or changed flight is automatically replaced with the closest available flight to the original, which can be before or after the originally scheduled flight.

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If the airline’s newly proposed flight times are outside of 24 hours from the original, a free change/ rebooking or cancellation for a refund is usually offered. If the newly scheduled flight is within 24-hours of the original flight times, the new flight must either be taken or changed, with any airline change fees due.

Passengers who miss their flights due to an airline schedule change are treated as ’no-shows’ and forfeit the ticket they have purchased. To check the flight status on your upcoming WestJet flight, have your WestJet flight number ready or search for your flight by airport, selecting ’Departures’. This feature can also be used to track incoming flights if picking-up friends or family from the airport by selecting the airport and ’Arrivals’.

For all WestJet conditions surrounding flight interruptions, check with the airline directly.