10 Gift Ideas for the Traveller

by Crissandra Ayroso
gift ideas for the traveller

You’re probably going to want to keep some of these for yourself, but try to keep your loved ones in mind, too. To follow up last year’s list of gift ideas, here are 10 more gift ideas for the one who loves to travel:


Polaroid instant camera

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera

Updated version of the classic. Photo courtesy of Polaroid.

It’s the classic, romantic, OG memory keeper. Since Thelma and Louise, Polaroids have been monumental moment markers and in a day and age where everything is digital, it’s nice to hold a photo and a memory in your hand.

Price range:  $150 +



Travel carry-on or weekender bag

Herschel Trail Collection Backpack

Ditch those checked baggage fees with a stylish, efficient, and organized carry-on. Photo courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

If you can avoid checking baggage on an airplane and succumbing to the additional fees associated with doing so, stuffing a carry-on as strategically as possible is probably your best bet. Look for one with plenty of space and pockets to organize your belongings, is easy to find and easy reach for important items, and made of a quality durable material.

Price range: $99 +



Airport lounge pass

plaza premium airport lounge

Sit back and relax before your flight in a Plaza Premium Lounge.

Whether you’re flying domestic or international, the lounges are the perfect way to wind down after clearing through customs and security. Plaza Premium Lounges include food and beverages (including alcoholic, during certain hours), shower facilities, Wi-Fi, internet workstations, flight update information, cable and satellite TV, and international newspapers and magazines.

Price range: $28 +

Bonus! For a limited time (ahem… Apr. 30, 2017), Flight Centre is exclusively offering $10 off admission to the Plaza Premium Lounges at Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg international airports!



Camping hammock

girl in a hammock

Swing into nature and enjoy some of the best views from a cozy hammock.

Find simple luxury in the humblest of surroundings, bundle up in a camping hammock and get cozy.

Price range: $39 +



Laundry wash bag

Scrubba Wash Bag

Keep your clothes clean on-the-go with the pocket-sized travel-friendly Scrubba Wash Bag. Photo courtesy of Scrubba.

This travel-friendly laundry wash bag is perfect for backpacking. Packing less clothes means less weight on your shoulders and more space in your pack for souvenirs.

Price range: $69 +



Packing cubes

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes Starter Set

Maximize space in your luggage and carry-ons with these compact life changing organizers.

For those who find the combination of travel and efficient organization slightly thrilling, these packing cubes are for you – ahem, your loved one. These packing cubes and envelopes compress clothes and are a game-changer for potentially eliminating checked baggage.

Price range: $45 +



Mobile phone lenses

mobile cell phone lenses

Add effects to your camera phone with a set of magnetic lenses. Photo courtesy of Photojojo.


For a pro touch to your photos, snap one of these magnetic lenses on to your cell phone to achieve a multitude of effects, including fish eye, wide angle, and a polarizer.

Price range: $49 USD +



Portable Bluetooth mini speaker

bluetooth mini speaker portable

Take your dance party wherever you go with a portable Bluetooth mini speaker.

If you’re lucky, the place you’ll be calling home for a little while will have a sound system compatible with whichever music-holding device you’ll be pairing it with. If that’s not something you’re willing to risk not having (I need music on while I’m getting ready), it’s definitely worth investing in to make sure you have a speaker on hand.

Price range: $35 +



Cork globe

Track where you’ve been and where you’re going with this cork globe. Or, give it a spin around and let it decide for you.

Price range: $169 +



Gift cards

flight centre gift cards

Gift cards are the perfect gift for the one who loves to travel.

…And of course, one of the better and most obvious choices is a Flight Centre gift card. Give your friends and family the freedom to choose their next adventure, getaway, escape.



For more information on gift ideas, contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert by connecting with us online, calling 1-877-967-5302, or visiting your closest Flight Centre store.



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