10 Reasons Why Travellers are Awesome

by Michael Graziano

I’ve been privileged to travel 27 countries so far in an attempt to obtain my Global Degree. While experiencing the culture and understanding the locals are my main priority, in passing I meet incredible travellers at the hostels. Here’s my top 10 reasons why travellers are simply the most well-rounded people I have ever met:


1. They posses an open mind and an open heart

michael with old woman in ecudaor

Travellers believe there is no right and wrong; only different. There isn’t much you could do or say to upset them. They will just simply observe your words or behaviors and come to their own conclusions. They will never judge you by your financial situation, weight, height, style of hair, etc. Instead, their curious mind will be too busy trying to learn more about you, and in turn, about themselves.


2. They tend to go off the beaten path

Both in lifestyle and in everyday adventures, travellers enjoy stepping away from the masses and going their own direction. They enjoy marching to the beat of their own drum and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone. They enjoy the challenge.


3. They are often social 

Michael Graziano in El Salvador

Travellers tend to talk to everyone around them often. They see every social situation as a never-ending possibility to engage and interact with others. Who knows, they may grab a tip that will guide them in their next adventure, or they may make a life long friend. It all goes with the saying “you’ll never know until you say ‘hello”.


4. They are content with their sexuality

Travellers are usually either happily single or happily in a relationship. Happy singles tend to fall in love with other happy singles for a short period of time, and then move onto the next chapter in their adventure without looking back. On the flip side, the travellers who have a special somebody at home are often completely content with not having sex on their adventures. They recognize the temptations, and overcome them. Most of the time, couples travelling together still enjoy meeting new people with the same excitement.


5. They understand life isn’t about how much money you make

Michael with children in Panama

Travellers don’t compare piles of paper, sizes of wooden boxes, or speeds of metal like the rest of the corporate world.  They understand that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Of course they understand that one needs money in order to travel. But they also understand that the majority of the world is insanely cheap, and they may be making less than most but their dollars are going much further abroad.


6. They are incredible problem solvers

When they aren’t getting city directions from a person who doesn’t speak a word of their language, they are finding a way to have a beer and a sandwich at a restaurant for $3. Drop a true traveller in a random place on this earth, give them very little, and watch them flourish.


7. You feel like you’ve know them for years after only one day

travellers in costa rica

I constantly find myself on epic journeys with other travellers, and when others ask how long we’ve been travelling together for, I always find it funny to say “we only met today”.


8. They usually have dirty feet, and they’re ok with that

Those feet have taken many steps, and those hands have touched many things. While most would find it gross, I find it kind of cool. It means they are always doing a lot, and don’t really care what others think. But come time to hit the nightclubs, they clean up real nice.


9. They’re always up for a good party

Come rain or shine, day or night, they love to party. It’s not too rare to find a traveller at the hostel bar at 9am having a beer with the bar tender, talking about how crazy last night was. They also know the little secret that having a drink in the morning removes the hangover.


10. They usually have an awesome tattoo worth talking about

As I write this I am looking at a wu-tang clan killer bee on a Canadian girls leg, a tribal eagle across a dudes shoulder, and the symbols “Надявам се, вяра и любов” up a girls torso, which apparently means “hope, faith, and love” in Bulgarian.