10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

by Crissandra Ayroso
woman stretching on a beach

What’s left on your summer checklist? Time sure flies when you’re having a good time. To make sure you enjoy every last drop of summer, we’ve compiled a list for you to check out and check off. Number one, read this list (check). 


1. Wine tasting at a vineyard

No matter where you live in Canada, there’s a lush quiet vineyard nearby. Whether it’s a road trip or short flight away, there’s always an excuse to turn your weekends into an adventure. Here are a few suggestions:

glass of red wine

The Okanagan Valley in BC has Canada’s only desert climate. Surrounded by glacial lakes and coastal mountains the Okanagan is the perfect wine producing region for growing a range of varietals. Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario is one of the larger producers of ice wine. Main Street is the heart of this small town connected together with cobblestone sidewalks, ice creameries and a park perfect for picnic lunches. Quebec City may not be known best for its vineyards, but its definitely known for its spectacular ice wine, ciders, and fruity wines. The Annapolis Valley is Nova Scotia’s up and coming wine destination that has been compared to wine production in France and Germany with its cool climate and warm summers perfect for grape production.


2. Take a staycation

bike leaning against a fence with a maple leaf on it

Long weekends are great but they’re even better without the crowds. Take an extra day off to explore your own backyard and hit up your local tourist sites, stay at a fancy hotel in your city, fall asleep in the sun at the beach, sit on a patio and read, or go on a long stroll through your neighbourhood – whatever you choose to do, enjoy a few long, quiet summer days in your town.


3. Go on a road trip

vintage roadster by the beach

Summers are meant for open roads with the windows rolled down and a playlist scoring this cherished pastime. Whether your journey takes you through Europe (we especially heart Spain), California, or anywhere in between, some of your best summer memories are to be had on the road. Haven’t you seen National Lampoon’s Vacation?! 


4. Jump into a lake

man jumping into a lake off a pier

Does your commute home happen to be by any lakes (or the ocean)? If you’re one of the lucky ones, this could be a huge rush hour game changer for you. Plan your #epicdrivehome, change into your swimsuits and swim trunks, and get in while the water’s still nice. 


5. Ride a train through the Rockies

rocky mountaineer train on the coast

There’s something timeless and romantic about the very essence of train travel. Whether it’s the ever-changing scenic landscapes, steaming ahead along a path otherwise inaccessible, or the classic feel of drinking a cocktail on board a steel locomotive – can we say, it’s all on the right track? Rocky Mountaineer’s Coastal Passage is one of the best ways to see the Rockies: it starts in Seattle, ends in Calgary and includes a helicopter ride for a full aerial view of this majestic mountainscape (plus so much more, like gourmet dining and a national parks pass).


6. Go to an outdoor event

ferris wheel

This might have been one of the first things you checked off on your list as soon as summer started, but in case you’ve been stuck in the grind or in the office, here’s your last chance to win at summer. Movies under the stars, baseball games, outdoor concerts, plays, there’s plenty going on in your city. So get your tickets, find your spot and enjoy a warm night and cold drink.


7. Stock up at the farmer’s markets

quarts of colourful berries

It’s berry season. And everyone knows that berry season is the most fleeting. Pie season is in full swing, strawberries and blueberries are at peak hues of red and blue, watermelon is at its sweetest, and fruit always tastes best when it’s farm-fresh. It’s nature’s candy! So grab a peach, sit in a park or on the beach and have a picnic.


8. Go camping

man sitting by a tent

When you live in a city, you need to leave every once in a while to fully appreciate the pace of life and how quickly, just like summer, it can all fly by. Stop everything. Rent a cabin or a cottage and watch the horizon.


9. Picnic with your people

berries and croissants

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon in the sun than at a picnic in the park or beach with your favourite food, people, and views. ‘Nuff said.


10. Ahem, plan your next vacation

photo of manhattan on an ipad

Don’t put those Tevas and Bermuda shorts away just yet. Just because the warm weather will start tapering off around here, it doesn’t mean you still can’t experience the golden days of summer elsewhere. Hawaii, South Pacific, California, Mexico, Caribbean – it’s almost always summer in these parts of the world. Talk to one of our agents and make sure this summer never ends!



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