5 Photography Apps to Document Your Travels

by Emma Hackwood

There are so many photography apps to choose from today and sometimes narrowing it down to a few of the best can be tricky. Our Social Media Manager Alicia Taggio put together a list of her top 5 favourite photography apps you can easily use on the fly when you are travelling.

Whether you are toting an iPhone or Android smartphone device; as long as you have an active account set up in the applicable app store, you are well on your way to capturing your most memorable travel moments. Just remember, most phone networks charge excessive fees for data usage so before leaving home, make sure you are well aware of the applicable costs and additional fees that are associated with Global Data Roaming.

Prior to departure,  learn how to enable and disable your airplane mode on your device, which allows you control over your data roaming and WIFI connections. It’s quite easy to find WIFI connections virtually anywhere when you travel, so it’s easier than ever to capture, share (and make your friends jealous) of your travel experiences while you are on the road.

With app prices ranging from free to just under $2.00, you will be snapping photos and applying creative tweaks like a pro in no time!


Instagram Logo


Platforms: iOS, Android

Cost: Free 

Instagram allows you to snap a photo, choose a filter to transform its look and then quickly post it to your Instagram account. You can also use hashtags to connect with others and categorize your photos better. Once your photo is posted, you can share your creativity via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr so people can easily see all your stylish photographs and follow along on your adventures.

mobile photography in Egypt


Over Logo


Platforms: iOS

Cost: $1.99 

‘Over’ is an app that allows you to use an existing photo from your album or take a picture with your iPhone device and then provides you the opportunity to add custom typography for a beautiful artsy effect to your photos. Then you can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or e-mail.

puerto vallarta, text on mobile photo


Diptic Logo


Platforms: iOS, Android 

Cost: $0.99

Diptic allows you to create collages to juxtapose contrasting images, create before and after sequences, or even produce a photographic series. When your Diptic is ready to share with the world, you can simply post it directly to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and any other app that supports jpegs.

hard rock hotel Puerto Vallarta Hotel Room



Lapse It Logo

Lapse It  

Platforms: iOS, Android 

Cost: Free (or $1.99 for Pro Version) 

Lapse It makes it super easy to capture and share time-lapse videos with your smartphone device using a technique that gives an accelerated view of slowly changing events. You can even mix your time-lapse clip with your very own library tunes. Sharing is not limited to Lapse It, as you can upload it to any other service that handles video sharing.





Platforms: iOS 

Cost: Free (or $1.99 for Pro Version) 

Befunky gives you complete creative control while keeping everything super easy to use. Add cool effects you can’t find anywhere else with complete editing ability, unique filters, borders and text. When you’re finished, share your creations through other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.



Have any other great mobile photography apps you love to use? Share them with us in the comments below!