5 Things I Did On Vacation at Sandals to Make it Extra Special

by Emma Hackwood
a room with a view at Sandals Negril

Why do you take a vacation? Perhaps it’s for some much needed R&R time,  discovering a new culture, or simply a way to escape the cold winter weather of Canada. Regardless of your purpose of travelling, it’s pretty safe to say that the best vacations are the ones that create memories. Our Travel Consultant Aaron recently had the chance to visit Sandals Resorts and shares a few things that he did on vacation to make it extra special:


Eat Around the World in 7 Days

sandals resort food

There are 20 diverse regional cuisines in the home of Sandals. From Italian to Japanese, Mexican to Carribean, Sandals’ chefs “tend to imagine one singular cuisine to represent the entire country. Due to the low room to restaurant ratio, guests are not limited to number of reservations during their stay. In fact, if your tummy feels a little roomy, you’re more than welcome to visit multiple restaurants per night.


Hot-tub at Midnight and Sing Along with the Treefrogs

One of the coolest experiences during my trip was during my stay at Sandals Montego Bay. Remember the time when you just crave the hot tub at night? Try jumping in the pool or hot tub with your loved one or a few friends whenever your heart desires, and listen to the harmony blended with the ocean waves and the tree frogs.


A Self-made Spa in the Ocean

sandals montego bay beach

I used to like a big beach, but now I much prefer high quality beaches. When Sandals decides to settle on a piece of land, the CEO actually flies his helicopter to the location to personally experience the sand. The result is obvious; beaches at its best! The sand is so soft it literally melts. Try taking a handful of sand from the ocean, rub it on your arm and see it smeared like sea mud. Dip your arms in the ocean water, and it dissolves instantaneously. Trust me, it’s amazing!


Massage on the Beach

While the ocean and the uber-soft sand serve as the spa from the nature, for those of you who don’t’ mind spending a few extra dollars, the Red Lane spa will be your favourite hideaway. This signature spa at Sandals differentiates itself as soon as you walk in. You can’t help but to smell the soothing and awakening lemongrass aroma. The West Indian massage is something to die for. It blends multiple carribean elements like the whitesand for exfoliation, seashell for pressure points. And if there’s vacancy to enjoy it on the beach, you would not forget the sound of the ocean while being stretched and pampered.


Adopt the JA-MAN Attitude

Sandals is a true all-inclusive resort, and they rewards their employee generously. In turn, the customer service you receive in Sandals come straight from the heart. They may not be prim n proper, but certainly win you over with their own charm. Whether you’re at the gift shop, the bar, or you have your own private butler, guests are their first priority, and they will go above and beyond to accommodate all guests’ requests.  They also welcome feedback to ensure they keep improving as a brand. Would I go back to the Sandals Resort? JA MAN!


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