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Published on September 12th, 2018 | by Crissandra Ayroso


5 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Tour

History buffs. Foodies. Culture vultures. From grand motor coach bus trips to small-group adventure travel, there’s a tour for everyone and any taste. Ultimately, this means that there’s a number of options to choose from. But where do you begin? This is a great place to start. Here are a few quick tips to help you choose the perfect tour.


1. Choose a region in the world you want to explore

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If you’re not the type to make vacation decisions by throwing a dart at a map, start with aiming for a region of the world you want to explore. Starting with large regions will help build a bigger picture idea of what you want and narrow down how much or how little you want to see.

You can see Paris only… or you can see Paris, hop a train, and journey through the vineyards and rolling hillsides in the South of France. You can discover the Great Barrier Reef on Australia’s northeast coast and stop there… or you can continue your adventure to the glacial fjords of New Zealand’s South Island. The world is full of endless possibilities. Choose a region of the world that captures your interest and find a tour that fits your style to explore it.

(Or, you can just throw a dart at a map.)

  • Africa
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • The Caribbean & Central America
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South Pacific & Australia
  • South America


2. Choose your adventure

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Some people want to trek through the jungles and zip-line the cloud forests of Costa Rica, while some prefer to experience Costa Rica’s wild side with a relaxing sightseeing tour. The difference is really in whether you would generally prefer hiking a mountain to taking the funicular or walking a trail to taking the train. However you define “adventure” is completely up to you, but deciding where you land on the scale of mild to wild is essential in making sure you choose the perfect tour for you. 


3. Pick a tour company that matches your travel style

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Like choosing a travel buddy, you want to make sure that the tour company you choose enhances your overall experience by sharing your travel style.

Do you like to sightsee at a slow pace and have a lot of free time to explore on your own? Do you prefer creature comforts and upscale accommodations, or would you trade that for camping and staying in hostels with nothing but a pack on your back? Do you want to travel with your own age group, or do you prefer to travel solo with a group of new friends?

Small-group tours and escorted motorcoach tours offer a variety of travel styles for every traveller of every taste. Choose a tour company that matches your travel style to find the perfect tour.


4. Plan around festivals and events

friends toasting sangria

Did you know that there are tours planned around annual festivals and events? Find yourself in the middle of an outdoor food fight at La Tomatina in Spain, throwing back a Bavarian beer at Oktoberfest in Germany, walking through a vibrant burst of colour during Holi Festival in India, or joining the biggest street party at Rio Carnival in Brazil. Every month of the year there’s always a reason to travel somewhere new and exciting. Choose a tour that happens over the year’s special events for the trip of a lifetime.


5. Choose a tour that matches your interests

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If all you want to do is eat your way through Italy and Spain, there’s no shame in admitting so. Decide if you want your tour to focus on an interest, like food and wine, beach or island-hopping, art and history, architecture, nature and wildlife, or even a niche interest, like cycling or sailing. Your tour is all about your experience, choose a tour that matches your interests.




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