5 Tips for Road Tripping in the USA

by Alicia Taggio

The USA is one of the top vacation destinations visited by Canadians. And one of the best ways to see it, is a good old fashioned road trip! Whether you plan on heading down for a summer festival, or a family getaway, we share some helpful tips before you head out on the highway:

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Don’t Forget Your Passport!

If you plan on crossing the border, remember that drivers licenses, or birth certificates are NOT accepted forms of travel documents. Make sure your passport is up to-date and has at least 6 months validity left before it expires.


Pre-Book Accomms

Spontaneity is great, but if you’re travelling with kids, it’s best to book your accommodation ahead of time so you know you have a place for them to sleep. Look for places that offers free breakfast, so you can take some snacks to- go for the road. One of our Travel Consultants can assist you in finding options on or near your route that best suit your needs.


Fuel Up

And no, we don’t just mean filling up your car with gas; we’re talking about fueling up your body with lots of water and snacks. Driving for long periods of time can take it’s toll on you, so be sure to keep yourself well fed and hydrated. Pack snacks the night before you leave and keep food and drinks fresh in a cooler. If you’re looking for a local place to eat, check sites such as Chowhound (North, South and Central America) and Roadfood for cheap places to enjoy regional specialties on or near your route.


Choose the Right Insurance

If you already have travel insurance coverage, be sure to review it before your trip. Don’t assume you’re fully covered for unexpected emergencies through your employer or credit card. Be aware of the limits on coverage, and purchase supplemental travel insurance to fill in any gaps. Credit cards often provide coverage for a limited number of days or limit the amount you can claim and may not provide coverage after age 65. Employment benefits might not cover all medical emergencies and may have limitations as well.



Enjoy the Ride

Try not to build too many things into your daily itinerary. The beauty of embarking on a road trip is taking in the scenery and finding surprises along the way. Build regular stops into your drive and make sure your camera is charged up to capture the moments that make for amazing memories. There are some great smartphone apps like Postagram which allow you to take photos and send postcards to friends and family back home. The download is free, and custom postcards are delivered worldwide for merely 99 cents each.




Best Scenic Drives in the USA

–>Pacific Coast Highway: California

–>Route 66: Chicago to Arizona

–>Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina

–>Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park: Montana

–>Overseas Highway: Florida Keys

–>Columbia River Highway, Oregon


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