5 Essential Tips to Drop Everything and Travel the World

by Michael Graziano

Have you always dreamed about dropping everything and travelling the world? For Canadian Michael Graziano, this dream has become a reality as he embarks on obtaining his ‘Global Degree’ with hopes to travel to every country in the world before the age of 30. He has already started his adventure in South America and shares what it took to make the decision to drop everything and travel the world and how you can do it too:

This year I have decided to drop everything and travel every country of the world, getting my Global Degree (much handier than a business degree if you ask me). So far, I have done 24 countries, and will be completing another 20 more in the next several months.

This message is coming to you from Belize on a carved wooden bench on the beach front overlooking the Caribbean Sea. With that, here is my top five list that allowed me to do this:


Tip #1: The Stars Will Never Align

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to travel, because it simply doesn’t exist. Have rent to pay? Find somebody to sublet the place (ideally for a profit so you can go spend the money kite surfing).

chilling in pool

Have a spouse who can’t go? Go anyway. If that person truly loves you, they will support your ambitions and desires. If your spouse condones world travel, then you should probably re-evaluate your relationship.

Have a boss who you think won’t let it happen? Go study companies in your desired countries, and find some potential clients/ partners. Then approach your boss with a business plan and that you want to go travel to the country to further explore the opportunity. Chances are you may not get paid for this wild goose chase, but that’s not the point here. You can also talk to your boss about taking a sabbatical and returning a year later. Most companies offer this option now, or even the ability for employees to work from different offices around the world to strengthen their brightness of future.

Once again, if Mr.Bossman doesn’t agree with you going away and try to further grow his/her company, maybe you should reconsider your workplace. Unless you want to spend every weekday of your life in that little cubicle with carpets from the 80’s… the choice is yours.


Tip #2: Don’t Listen to the Media

If I can be frankly honest here for a moment, mainstream media is a croc of (something). So when you hear them talking about issues in countries you are going to, instead of letting that deter you, try talking to locals in the area and see if the issues are true. To be frank, every time I did a little due diligence, I found it all to be false. There’s ulterior motives going on, but that’s beyond your control.

Always talk to the locals to find the truth. If you don’t know anybody, reach out to find friends of friends. Trust me, somebody always knows somebody who lives in your country of choice. Also, be sure to check the Government of Canada’s website to see updated travel advisory information or talk to a Flight Centre Travel Expert.


Tip #3: Your Flight will Likely Be Your Biggest Expense

Everybody keeps telling me “if only I had the money”, then they would come join me on my adventure. People look at a big flight ticket ($600 – $1200) to get to their country of choice, and start to believe they can’t afford it.

Try to focus less on the flights, and more of the cost of things in the country’s currencies. It’s usually insanely cheap. Did you know a bottle of rum is $3 CAD  in Thailand? Or that an entire day of swimming with sharks and stingrays in Belize is $35 CAD? Accommodation through high rated hostels is typically $8 – $30 per night. If you’re looking for cheap hotel options, ask a Flight Centre Travel Expert to do some digging for you. They always have special deals and close relationships with properties all over the world.

Michael in Paradise

So remember that once you are in the country, things are so generally fairly cheap and your money goes far. Look past the one way or return flights.


Tip #4: Consider Staying at Hostels

Go find the cheapest, highest rated hostel you can on www.hostelworld.com . It’s infested with amazing people from around the world who are highly social and welcoming. It’s normal to walk into a hostel not knowing anybody, and leave that night having 15 friends with you. If you’re smart you will add them all on Facebook and build your international network of homies.


Tip #5: Hang with the Locals

If you have the opportunity to meet a local that you find to be trustworthy, likeable, and knowledgeable; then don’t be afraid to tell them you want to hang out with them more.

hanging with locals

Locals will provide you with the best places, the best food, the best nightlife, the best EVERYTHING, and all for local prices. I’ll never forget when a local took me to the sketchiest ‘hole-in-the-wall’ restaurant in Thailand, and I actually had the BEST meal of my entire life. Oh. and the bill came to $4 CAD.


I hope my tips provides some insight to help you on your global adventure. For more advice or information, talk to a Flight Centre Travel Expert who will have your back the entire trip. From helping you book round the world flights, to providing advice on visas and land transportation/accommodations, their Round the World Experts have helped me immensely and will certainly be happy to help you too.

Adios Amigos and Happy Travels!