7 Destinations to Rekindle Your Romance

by Emma Hackwood
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Travel and romance go hand in hand. Whether you’re falling in love with new places, or enjoying a blissful holiday with your partner, there is no doubt that escaping the routine of daily life is a great way to bring out the hopeless romantic in you. If you prefer to unplug in a tropical oasis, or enjoy fine dining under the stars, we’ve come up with a few great suggestions for your next romantic getaway.

St. Lucia

st lucia mountain and water views

St. Lucia is a tropical paradise and the perfect place for a little romance; the mountainous rainforest backdrop is ideal for any couple looking to unplug and reconnect with their partner. One of the Windward isles of the Lesser Antilles, this paradise is situated midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain between Martinique and St Vincent, just north of Barbados. The 617 km² island is perfect for exploring the island whether it be by helicopter, boat or private transfer. There is scuba diving, zip-lining, preserved hiking trails, banana plantation tours, health and wellness spas, golfing and much more. The turquoise waters are so clear and so warm you can spend all day in the ocean bathing under the heat from the sunshine above. If you’re a foodie, the land is rich in minerals and bountiful with many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, (and lets not forget the seafood!) Be sure to visit any fishing village on a Friday and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Travel Tip: Take a boat or catamaran from Castries to Soufriere so you can see all of the villages and resorts off the coast of the island. One of the best experience is being able to see the world renown Piton Mountains from their base on the ocean. These massive mountains are responsible for some of the most beautiful scenic views from resorts such as Jade Mountain and Ladera. -Stephanie Bowers, Flight Centre Travel Expert


Hawaiian sunset on the water

Like two lovers, Hawaii and romance go hand in hand, and you don’t have to be a newlywed to feel the love in the air. With the intoxicating fragrance of exotic blooms in the warm wind, long walks on endless beaches and cascading waterfalls, Hawaii is sure to make love blossom. Plus, it combines the Valentine’s essential ingredients of flowers and chocolate (flowers are everywhere and Hawaii is the only place in the US that grows cocoa.) All six islands of the Hawaiian archipelago offer something for couples, whether it’s learning to scuba or surf together on the Big Island, retreating to a couples-only resort in quiet Kauai, stealing a kiss on Sweetheart’s Rock in Lanai and stargazing in Maui. The first step in saying “aloha” to Hawaii is picking your slice of paradise from these six islands. If draw dropping scenery of volcanic mountains, endless waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation, blue skies and azure coloured waters are high on your wish list, then a Hawaii vacation is for you.

Travel Tip: As most of the Hawaiian Islands are blanketed in thick, lush rainforest, dramatic mountain ranges and deep canyons inaccessible by car or even foot, there is no better way to see them in all their glory than with a Helicopter tour.

French Polynesia

bora bora two massage chairs on the water

If you’re looking for a remote paradise with far less tourists, then French Polynesia is where you want to be. Tahiti, Bora Bora, and its islands receive less tourists in an entire year than Hawaii gets in one day. The isolation, the privacy, and the exclusive quality of everything here is unmatched. Imagine you and your partner entering your overwater bungalow, with the smell of fresh flowers and the warm Tahitian breeze blowing around you. With a french influence, its islands are full with fine wining and dining options in nothing but five-star fashion.

forest in Bora Bora

Travel Tip: Visit Magic Mountain in Moorea. You can get to this peak by ATV or guided vehicle tour. It is a challenging and steep trek up, but completely worth the spectacular views once you reach the top! Its indescribable beauty is what you will witness from the peak of this mountain.


jamaica beach at sunset

In Jamaica, romance is found in the tranquillity of its beaches, lushness of its gardens, and breathtaking sunsets. With caves, waterfalls,  plantations, gardens, and a myriad of endemic flora and fauna, it’s hard not to fall in love with Jamaica. Imagine yourself sipping a Blue Mountain coffee in the morning looking out at the beautiful scenery with your partner by your side. The real beauty about this country is that it can be whatever paradise you want it to be – meet friendly locals, try delicious food or simply relax and watch the sunset over the Caribbean. Whether your prefer an all-inclusive, an intimate inn, a lush private villa or a luxury resort, a Jamaica vacation has every accommodation to fit every desire.

Travel Tip:  Enjoy some pampering with your partner at a Sandals property in Jamaica; with 7 different resorts to chose from all over the island, there’s no shortage of options for you to experience a little luxury on your vacation.


empty italy dining patio

Often regarded as ‘Bella Italia,’ the Italian culture is full of love, and it’s landmarks and scenery are a testament to that. From the romantic rocky shores of Cinque Terre, to the stunning vineyards in Tuscany or the beauty of Trevi Fountain, Italy will lure you in, and make you never want to leave. Even the cuisine is an art: traditional recipes, wine, street food and of course, fresh pizza will have you singing amore. Italy is blessed with dozens of stunning locales from Rome to Venice and beyond, but magical Tuscany is a must-experience. Feast your eyes on the Renaissance masterpieces of Florence, before drinking in the picture-perfect landscapes of rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves that lie outside the city walls. Just a short trip north of Florence you’ll find the romantic river city of Venice. Situated on 118 islands linked by a series of bridges and canals, take a gondola ride through its canals to experience the city’s breathtaking architecture with your partner by your side.

Travel Tip: Experience the small towns in the Tuscany region and get lost in ancient castles with breathtaking views.


hands making hearts in greece

A destination that will appeal to all of your senses, Greece is often one of the highlights of any European holiday. There’s nothing more stunning than the bright whites and blues of a traditional Grecian backdrop. Santorini is hands-down one of the most breathtaking islands for sights just like this. With stunning sunsets and food, Santorini has long been the refuge of the rich and famous. A country of proud people, irresistible food, strong coffee (and ouzo), ancient ruins, and regarded as one of the cradles of Western civilisation; a trip to Greece never ceases to fascinate, challenge and amaze those that descend upon its shores.

Travel Tip: If you’re looking to experience as much as possible on your vacation, try island-hopping. Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and the most stunning in terms of architecture, whereas Rhodes has all the high-class resorts for honeymooners who care chasing serious luxury.


bali beach with candles and canopy

There are a few things Bali does best: indulgent couples massages, delicious food and poolside cocktails at swim-up bars. The island’s sublime shoreline provides the perfect excuse to get away for some sun, sand and surf in a spectacular island setting. Bali’s balmy tropical beaches and spectacular sunsets make it the perfect place to sip on a cocktail or two as the sun goes down. Home of the traditional Balinese massage, the spa industry has come a long way from the simple beachside treatments offered to the island’s first wave of tourists in the 1950s. Ancient temples and artistic retreats all give the island a sacred tone and, although it can be a popular holiday destination (especially for Australians) it’s easy to step off the tourist trail.

Travel Tip: Treat yourself to some of Bali’s more tranquil beaches like Pantai Geger, Balangan Beach or Pantai Kecil, which translates to Little Beach.