7 Places to Go Without Moving an Inch

by Daniel Nikulin
Northern Lights over Norway

Sofa travel is here. If you’re in need of an escape, tune in to these spellbinding captures of dramatic landscapes and mesmerizing wildlife in some of the most captivating corners of our planet and beyond.  


Train Journey to the Norwegian Arctic Circle

All aboard! Pack no bags and embark on a 10-hour journey as you meander through Norway’s breathtaking landscapes, past scenic snowy countrysides to the vast expanse of the Arctic Circle.


Pipeline Cam – surf camera at North Shore

Pull up a lounger and spend the afternoon on Oahu’s famous North Shore, the mecca of surfing. Whether you’ve come to watch the locals carve the swells or to listen and be lulled by the lapping surf, you’ve come to the right place. Ahhh. 


30 Days at Sea (Timelapse)

Spooky-still to dark and stormy, roll with the everchanging ocean on a monthlong journey as seen from the hull of a cargo ship. Brilliantly captured through a 24K resolution camera and a fisheye lens, time travel from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, up the South China Sea to Hong Kong – no seasickness pills required!


Kenya – Tsavo East National Park (Live Cam)

Day and night, creep on The Big 5 alongside elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras and other animals live from the Savannah in Tsavo East National Park.


Sea Princess Cruise Ship Crossing the Panama Canal

Experience what it’s like to transit through one of man’s most impressive engineering achievements on a Princess Cruises ship. This wonderfully shot video offers many angles and viewpoints and completes the journey through the Panama Canal in just over 5 minutes.  


3 Hours of Amazing Nature Scenery 

You’ve never seen nature like this. Unwind with this stunning video softened with a chill soundtrack that’s perfect to work or study with, for meditation and yoga or to gently doze off to. If you can keep your eyes off the sublime cinematography, of course. 


Rover POV: Five Years of Curiosity on Mars

Travel out of this world with NASA for a quick look at the slow exploration of the red planet from the point of view of a rover. Here, you get a glimpse into five years of images collected by the rover’s camera. (Download for the best performance)


Now you’re going places! 

It’s never too early to start planning your next adventure. Whether you’re looking to catch the Northern Lights in Norway or to join a camping safari in Kenya, our Expert Travellers are ready to help you plan the trip of a lifetime. 

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