A New Story Every Second

by Emma Hackwood

After recently celebrating the end of another great year at our Global Gathering in Singapore, we reminded our employees just how life-changing travel can be to our customers. Every day, we give people all around the world, in retail, wholesale and corporate, the opportunity to do something really amazing – travel! As you watch this video, you will see our customers don’t just buy tickets either – they have life changing experiences that make up their life stories:

Travel unites, strengthens, brings change and tolerance. It helps to build communities and individual self esteem. Travel is fun, and it’s exciting as well! But above all, travel opens the mind and opens the eyes. And we get to make that happen everyday!! What a privilege!

We don’t just book airline tickets, room nights or cruises. We make dreams happen and stories come to life. Our purpose is to open up the world for those who want to see.

Thank you for letting us be part of that!

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