A Taste of the Azores

by Emma Hackwood
Canto da Doca restaurant in Azores

Planning to visit Europe’s hidden treasure also known as the Azores? Our Flightie Nisha shares her tips on where and what to eat when exploring these beautiful islands of Portugal.

Nisha in Azores

I just got back from a stunning group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called the Azores.  They are referred to as “Europe’s Hidden Treasure” and that they certainly are! Not only are they known for breathtaking landscapes, but also for their tasty cuisine. The Azores truly are a food lover’s dream.  Here are some local must-tries:

Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel)

Alcides Restaurant

This quaint restaurant is known for their mouth-watering steak with garlic and peppers. This was one of the best steaks I have ever had! The perfectly cooked steak (I like mine medium rare), paired with roasted garlic and peppers, was full of flavour.

steak at Alcides in Azores Portugal

This, complemented by a generous slice of fresh local pineapple for dessert, will make you never want to leave the island.


Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

cozido azores cooking

This restaurant gives you a true taste of the Azores as it serves the infamous “Cozido” das Furnas. This local stew consists of various meats and vegetables that are placed in a pot and buried next to a natural hot spring and slow-cooked by volcanic activity.

cozido stew

Tasting the stew and seeing how it’s prepared is an unforgettable experience bursting with natural flavours!

Faial Island

Canto Da Doca

food in Canto Da Doca

This beautiful restaurant has a stunning view and even better food! Canto Da Doca offers a more interactive experience as they provide you with a hot volcanic stone and a variety of fresh meats and seafood that you can cook to your liking. This was one of my favourite meals!


pudding dessert in azores

Genuino offers not only amazing dishes (like sword fish sticks and yam pudding for dessert) but the restaurant owner’s story of sailing around the world solo, not once but twice, is riveting.

man at Genuino in Azores

I was blown away at both the food and his amazing story. His travels have contributed to his exquisite palate which is evident in the food he serves.


Quinta do Martelo

Quinta do Martelo makes you feel like you are in the comfort of your own home by serving a very traditional Portuguese pot roast with wine, bacon and garlic called ‘Alcatra’. Alcatra is slow-cooked in a clay pot which allows the contents to thicken.

alcatra meal in azores portugal

The final product is delicious and paired perfectly with Azorean sweet bread or ‘massa dova’.

These restaurants and dishes are only a few of the amazing foods that I was fortunate enough to try in the Azores. The freshness and natural cooking processes render flavours that I have never tasted before.  I will remember the Azores not only for the sights I saw but also for the unforgettable meals I had.


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