Agents of Change: Meet the Extraordinary Stacey Price

by Alyssa Daniells
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Adventurous. Determined. Supportive. Brave. These powerful words describe the types of team members Flight Centre proudly attracts.

Then, there are those people who personify the definitions of these terms, to their core. By the way they live and choose to act. It’s these Flighties (that’s our affectionate sobriquet for Flight Centre staff) whose inspiring stories need to be shared. We do so in hopes of inspiring you, and to highlight the noble causes of unassuming heroes.

We call them our Agents of Change. We’d like to introduce you to the first we’ll be profiling in our Agents of Change series: Stacey Price and her husband, Chris Price.

The Prices at their September, 2014 nuptials in Tuscany, Italy.

The Vancouver-based couple met while he was still working for Flight Centre. It didn’t take long to see they were destined to be together, as anyone at their romantic Tuscan wedding would agree.

It was Stacey’s indomitable spirit that helped her rise in the company’s ranks to Team Leader. It was also this energy that attracted Chris (Pricey, as he’s familiarly known) to Stacey.

Just less than two years after their wedding, her resolute spirit resurfaced. With a wealth of experience travelling the world, Stacey faced the biggest journey of her life.

stacey price run bc marathon london keep on moving vancouver flight centre healthy goals

Passionate about running, Stacey (left) might have a challenging road ahead, but she is ready for it.

Stacey was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in October, 2016. At an unusually young age to receive such a diagnosis, the Price’s planned trajectory – growing their careers, having a family, becoming old together– was drastically altered.

The video about Stacey’s inspiring story is a must-watch. While we seek to inspire others through travel, hers is a shining example of courage, positivity and grit. Watch Kara Byrne’s retelling here:

“In sickness and in health” were not mere utterances during their wedding vows. Pricey’s unwavering encouragement, coupled with his poised wife’s attitude, were the foundations for creating Team Keep On.

As avid runners, it was the Prices’ dream to run the London Marathon. In a ‘goosebumps moment’ during the video, we learn how the impending and rigorous cancer treatments were no obstacle for this incredible woman’s desire and determination. Team Keep On and the #teamko movement was born.

On April 23, 2017, these warriors will show their true colours while waving our Canada flag, in one of the running world’s most coveted events.  We couldn’t be prouder of the Prices. Not only will they smash their lofty goals at the London Marathon, we know Stacey will defeat, as what many of its fighters call it, the Big C.

Sometimes words are infused with power, as mentioned earlier. Sometimes, they are just words. Stacey Price proves that cancer does not define her.  Stacey, you are an inspiration and we thank you as you run for the lives of others.

Thank you also to everyone who has supported Team Keep On, let’s keep the momentum happening and donate to this dream team. They’ve got this!

Once you’ve grabbed a tissue, you might feel inspired to take a minute to contribute to their Go Fund Me page, with proceeds going to conquering cancer.