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Published on January 15th, 2016 | by Emma Hackwood


Air Canada Launches Secret Business Class Sale on Summer Travel

If you’re looking for the ultimate Valentines Day gift, this may be a tough one to top. Imagine yourself sipping champagne while flying to Europe in business class with your partner by your side.

Air Canada has just released a large number of business class flights at a significant discount, but they aren’t advertising it to the public. Luckily, we have access to these incredible deals, and had to share the news with you.

How good are these travel deals? Passengers can travel to Europe in the middle of summer, from Toronto, in business class, for as little as $2434 including tax. Some flights have been discounted up to $1,800 and deals like this don’t come often (trust us). 

At Flight Centre, we make it our job to stay posted on the latest travel news and deals so we can let Canadians in on promotions to help them save money on their next trip. After finding out about a secret business class sale last August, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for another one, and sure enough we’ve found it!

Air Canada 787 LayFlat PAX Sleeping

If you’re drooling over the idea of hanging out at 35,000 feet while hooked into a state of the art entertainment system, seated in a lumbar supported pod or sprawled out on a lie-flat piece of heavenly personal space, it’s your chance to lock in a luxurious trip overseas. Now, wipe your chin so you can sip your wallet-less wine and prepare to fly fancy.

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  1. Nancy Gordon says:

    Having arthritis makes it difficult to for long distance…..what a treat to fly business class in more comfort

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