Air New Zealand is Calling All Travellers

by Kara Byrne

This award-winning airline is not just a leader in the travel industry. With each epic video release, the airline continues to move miles ahead of many of its competitors when it comes to advertising. If your wanderlust frequently whisks you away from home, this video is for you because Air New Zealand is calling all travellers. 

Air New Zealand has a way of appealing to, “… those who would rather escape the crowds than follow them, [and] those  who want to wander and wonder and be amazed.” The airline hasn’t just proven over and over again that it’s a delight to fly with, but that New Zealand itself is a spectacular place to visit. Their previous masterpieces have shown us they have personality and a good sense of humour, and this ad is no different. If you have a minute and a half to spare for some inspiration and a good laugh, spend it here.

Congrats Air New Zealand, you’ve done it again.

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