Another Must-See WestJet Ad: Valentine’s Edition

by Alyssa Daniells
Beach marriage proposal from westjet

We think a vacation should make your heart race with excitement, especially if it’s travelling to a romantic destination with a loved one.

WestJet’s latest Valentine’s Day campaign got some hearts racing, for more than just that reason.

Actually, “palpitating” might be a better word.

WestJet selected two men, while shopping for engagement rings, to be part of its latest online ad. The guys agreed to the airline’s enticing offer of a free trip to beautiful Barbados for them and their girlfriends– on one condition.

They (Mike and J.P.) would have to propose during their Barbados vacation, with the set-up remaining a complete surprise to the ladies (Heather and Stephanie). Furthermore, WestJet, represented by lively flight attendant Ian, would be in charge of telling them when to pop the question. To explain Ian and the presence of cameras, the female folk were told they’d been selected for a WestJet commercial.

As if proposing marriage isn’t nerve-wracking enough, the jittery dudes were at the complete mercy of Ian’s antics, with him showing up at any time. His random appearances were on the pretense of giving them holiday activities (“let’s go snorkeling!”) or instructions to pop the question on the spot. Meanwhile, the tension of putting the guys on the spot is almost palpable.

Eventually, the big moments arrive, and with the cameras rolling and the ocean waves rolling, let’s just say the tears start rolling, too.

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