Around the World in 80 Anthems: Family Raises their Voice for Those Who Don’t Have One

by Emma Hackwood

Meet the Everitt family: They are currently travelling to 80 countries around the world over a span of 9 months with their 11 year old daughter Capri who is raising her voice to help children who don’t have one. Capri is singing the national anthem with children in 80 different countries (in 40 different languages) to help raise money for a good cause. Pretty impressive right? But a round the world trip like this requires a bit of planning. Capri’s mom Kerrie shares her experience planning and booking her family’s round the world trip.

The Story

We wanted to raise money for orphaned and abandoned children through SOS Children’s Villages.  We needed to set a certain amount of time that we could be away from our jobs, home and school for the kids, so we thought the trip could not be longer than 10 months.  The idea would be that our 11 year old daughter, Capri, would sing the national anthem in the national language of each of the 80 countries that we would visit.  But, we wondered:  is this even possible?

SOS Children's villages sign

Before we said anything to anyone, I sat down at my computer and started doing flight calculations and looking at schedules on various travel websites.  There were lots of “around the world” ticket options, but I realized right away that none of those were going to work.  Most of them had a maximum of 15 stopovers and that just was not going to do it if we were going to get to 80 countries in 10 months!

Kerrie_trip planning 80 anthemsSo, now I had to move on to the next option: planning the trip myself. This was not an easy task at all.  Sure there are websites out there where you can design your global travel adventure.  Some of them even have neat map features and support.  However, it was abundantly clear to me pretty quickly that none of these tools would suffice for a trip of this magnitude. Because I did not know all of the ‘tricks of the trade’; it was tough to figure out how to maximize my stopovers while still finding cost-effective flights.  As you can imagine, if you are trying to hit 80 countries on a budget, knowing how to work the maze of the international airline system is a must! It was a massive puzzle and I soon realized that I needed help.

What I really needed was to talk to a human!

Someone who could tell me if it was better to do a stopover in Abu Dhabi on the way to Johannesburg, or if it was better to go through Nairobi.  Someone who could advise me on the best package deals to travel within South America or through South East Asia.  Were there special deals on multiple flights within a continent? Could we stretch that stopover in Kiev to a full day and night while still only paying for a flight from Tel Aviv to Barcelona?  I needed an actual person who I could talk to on the phone and discuss my options.  Trust me, there were lots of options to discuss – way too many in fact!!  I needed help.  Badly.

I had heard about Flight Centre from many friends and family members.  Of course, I had also walked by many Flight Centre storefront windows.  But could they help get me around the world? I googled “Flight Centre around the world flights”, called the number that came up and guess what: I got to talk to a real person. The guy who answered the phone listened to my story and said he would love to help. He did not refer me to a website, or tell me that I needed to call a different department. He asked me to send him our website address and he actually watched Capri’s 2 minute video within the hour and called me back!  Wow. Amazing customer service. He loved the idea of our project and said he would be honoured to help us with our journey.  I was taken from the start. No more wading through thousands of schedules trying to pick the best one. I felt like I now had an expert who could guide me through the process and find the best deals in the meantime.

I immediately decided that I was going to use John Mackenzie at Flight Centre to book all of our flights.  We came up with a plan to book the trip in segments and then got to work!

If you’re planning to book a round the world trip by yourself or with your family, I highly recommend contacting one of Flight Centre’s Round the World Experts who can help you make the most of your time and money.

To follow the Everitt’s family journey visit their website: and for more information about our round the world specials, connect with us online, visit us in-store or call us at 1-877-967-5302

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