Ask Intrepid: How to Travel in 2021

by Emese Graham

It’s no secret that the world looks different than this time last year. 

By now we’d normally be seeking out next year’s rising star destinations or planning which classics we want to tick off our travel wish lists. But, as we wonder where we’ll be able to go in 2021, take a moment to consider how we travel in the future. Because after a year at home, we’ve been reminded that travel is a privilege. We’re ready to take the best bits of what we’ve always loved about travel – connecting with like-minded strangers, learning about local cultures and challenging ourselves to discover something new – and explore new ways to combine them with travel styles that are better for the world. Whenever the magic of travel is open to us again, it’s more important than ever that we go the right way, which is why Intrepid Travel has come up with five foundations for the future of travel. 

1. Go on a human-powered adventure

With bars, restaurants, museums and galleries closing during 2020, we were encouraged to discover new ways to get out and entertain ourselves. And, for a lot of us, that meant taking up the challenge of a new active hobby like walking or cycling. Trends so far are pointing to ‘human-powered’ trips, such as Cycling, Active or Walking & Trekking adventures being a much bigger part of how we travel in 2021, which is why Intrepid has four new Cycling and four new Walking & Trekking trips joining their existing range.

2. Go to regenerate, not just sustain

Intrepid has always been passionate about sustainable travel – from combatting overtourism by seeking out less popular destinations, to carbon-offsetting all their trips. But Intrepid believes travellers shouldn’t just be leaving lighter footprints everywhere they go; we all need to leave positive impacts on the people and places we visit. That’s why Intrepid supports local communities, human rights, wildlife and environmental conservation projects everywhere they travel and stay in homestays and support community tourism initiatives on as many of their itineraries as possible.

3. Go slower

Slow travel is about embracing a destination and being completely present in your surroundings. It’s about connections. Connecting to the food, the culture and perhaps most importantly, the people. It’s about experiencing places slowly, unplugging and taking time for yourself. Slow travel means planning lightly to create space for those unexpected moments that create the joyful memories that only travel can. Intrepid’s brand-new range of Intrepid Retreats was designed specifically with this in mind – to help you slow down and discover incredible places a little closer to home.

4. Go into the wild

Wilderness might just be the new wellness in 2021. After a year with a lot of time spent at home on video calls or binge-watching TV, the future of travel will be surrounded by nature. Travelling into the wild creates a feeling of freedom. Whether it’s the wilds of Antarctica or seeing gorillas in their natural habitat, there is no place more calming (and needed) in 2021 than the great outdoors. So, while we all take some time to get comfortable with crowded cities again, there is no better time to pursue a trip into the wild, whether in your own backyard or further abroad. 

5. Go on your own terms

The future of travel will be forever flexible. Whether you feel more comfortable booking with your bubble, going with a travel buddy, or pursuing adventures closer to home, it’s important you travel on your own terms, in a way that is comfortable for you and your loved ones. This is why Intrepid Travel is so excited to continue rolling out their Tailor-Made style of travel, where over 800 Intrepid itineraries will now be available for you to customize and tailor to your individual travel preferences. 

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