Top 10 Picture Perfect Destinations in Australia

by Emese Graham
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Australia is a big place! Understatement of the year, right? But its sheer size can make it tricky for shutterbugs to make the best use of their time and find their way to the most unforgettable photography locations. So, grab your camera, and browse our favourite Australian spots for inspiring those jaw-dropping pictures you can admire for years to come.

1. Francois Peron National Park

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Where is it? Western Australia, nearly 900 km north of Perth

Turquoise waters, blue skies, and clay-red land meet on a striking promontory. Take a four-wheel-drive to Cape Peron for the best vantage point to play with colours, then keep exploring the massive park. Francois Peron offers perfect conditions for kayaking, hiking, and even camping.

2. Adelaide City Centre

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Where is it? South Australia, about 7 km east of Adelaide airport

Victoria Square lies in the centre of Adelaide City Centre (or “The City”), and unlike the beautiful and stalwart heritage buildings you can admire in the area, it’s always changing. Stroll through this fusion of old and new to develop your own perspective of the neighbourhood.

3. The Pinnacles Desert

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Where is it? Western Australia, about 200 km northwest of Perth

Hidden away in Nambung National Park, you’ll find these mysterious formations, which lend an alien quality to the vast landscape. Complete your visit with kangaroo sightings, sandboarding, and a seafood dinner nearby.

4. Sea Cliff Bridge

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Where is it? New South Wales, about 60 km southwest of Sydney

Built in 2005, the winding Sea Cliff Bridge in Clifton has already become a recognizable Australian landmark. Bring your zoom lens to capture the visual motion and stunning background, however. Straying away from the maintained walkway is extremely dangerous- no selfie is worth risking your life.

5. Granite Bay

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Where is it? Queensland, about 140 km north of Brisbane City

It can be tough to scope out an unpopulated location for outdoor portraits, but Granite Bay beach in Noosa Heads fits the bill- especially for romantic pastel sunrises. While you’re in the area, try exploring Noosa Heads’ many attractions. You have plenty of choice between shopping, sports, arts and cultures, and outdoor adventures.

6. Barossa Valley

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Where is it? South Australia, about 75 km northeast of Adelaide

Carved by the North Para River, Barossa Valley in South Australia’s wine country is a sight to behold. Visit for romantic portraits and dynamic landscape shots… and stay for the wine tastings.

7. The Twelve Apostles

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Where is it? Victoria, about 200 km southwest of Melbourne

This natural landmark is iconic for a reason. Whether you’re capturing the towering limestone stacks from a bird’s eye or worm’s eye view, the landscape is impossible to be anything but gorgeous. Plan your visit around the golden hour to capture the most dramatic lights and shadows.

8. Luna Park

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Where is it? New South Wales, in Sydney

Luna Park first opened in 1935, and it’s a fun location to explore nostalgic colour filters or shoot a unique portrait. Stick around and enjoy the ride! Don’t forget to take the Ferris wheel for a spin to capture some dizzying panoramic shots.

9. Bombo Headland Quarry

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Where is it? New South Wales, about 130 km south of Sydney

Enjoy a hike through Kiama Walking Trail to reach the basalt columns. Bombo Quarry is a former quarry and excellent subject for exploring motion, contrast, and shadows, thanks to the choppy waves and dynamic skyline. Get your sweat on while you’re in the area, and bike through the cycling routes.

10. Hosier Lane

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Where is it? Victoria, Downtown Melbourne

Stroll through Hosier Lane for bold, colourful street art- this is no vandalized alley. The ever-changing graffiti art makes for a mesmerizing subject on its own, or a vibrant backdrop for a city photoshoot.

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