Behind the Lens with Seattle Dredge

by Alicia Taggio
travel photography

Take one look at her Instagram profile, and you’ll suddenly develop a case of Wanderlust. It’s no surprise that Mashable coined her as having one of the Top Inspiring Instagram accounts in the world! At merely 25 years old, Seattle Dredge has made a living off of being a full-time Travel Blogger. Yes, you heard me right… getting paid to travel.

After studying physical geography and GIS in University, Seattle developed a bit of (ok a HUGE) obsession with maps, geology and travel (she even has tattoos all over her body to prove it). Although she hails from Waterford, Ontario you’ll rarely find her there, as she spends most of her time Travel Blogging and photographing the world on her website Seattles Travels.

airplane tattoo

We caught up with her when she was recently in Toronto to talk about Travel Photography and what inspires her to travel:


1. What inspired you to first pick up a camera?

I’ve had a camera for as long as I can remember, which means I was actually too young to remember the first time I picked one up or why. I must have spent hundreds of dollars on getting film developed when I was young. But, I think I realized that I wanted to take photography more seriously after I started travelling.


2. Who are some of your favourite photographers and why?

Yuriy & Julia Manchik, Marco KD and Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, to name a few. They all have quite different styles but each tends to focus on travel and beautiful landscapes, which I love.


3. Italy was the first destination you set out to explore at just 17 years old; what was it about this destination that drew you to it?

I was young, I had never travelled before and I was going to be doing it all alone; I wanted to choose a place that would be completely different from anything that I knew at home but wasn’t going to send me into total culture shock on my first time out. I wanted to go somewhere with a beautiful landscape, interesting history and a menu to satisfy my teenage carb-loving hunger.

Seattle Dredge Taking Photo

4. You’ve been to some amazing places around the world, which destination was most memorable to you?

While Iceland is my absolute favourite country, one of the most memorable destinations for me is the Sahara Desert in Morocco. I don’t think I will ever be able to forget riding a camel through the red sand dunes at sunset and spending the night beneath the stars at a traditional Berber camp.



5. Which destination surprised you the most?

To be honest, I’ve yet to be completely surprised by a destination. There are always small things which I might not have expected, but I am still looking for that place that is going to absolutely shock me.


6. What are you essential camera gear items on the road?

I pack very little camera gear; just the camera body itself (a Nikon D300), 2-3 lenses (a 50mm 1.8, an 18-105mm and a 70-300mm) and a wireless shutter remote. I rarely pack a tripod and just make use of what’s available around me.


7. What is your favourite thing to shoot and why?

Well, anything to do with travel, of course. But, I really like to capture people doing things in nature. For example: someone hiking on a trail, a person’s back as they take in the view or a human figure framed between trees or abstract  rock formations.

taking photo in Africa

8. Aside from your camera gear, what things can’t you live without on the road?

My laptop and tea. I always pack a Ziploc full of tea bags no matter where or for how long I’m going. Weirdly, tea is the one constant in my life.


9. What motivates you to travel?

I’m going to turn this around and say that travel is what motivates me to do everything. Everything.


10. What is the #1 tip you have for a budding photographer?

Always shoot in manual and think of starting a “365 day project”, taking one photo every day for one year. I suggest joining an online community like Flickr where you can join groups, interact with other photographers doing the same thing and learn through friendly criticism.


A big thanks to Seattle for sharing her photos and experiences with us! To follow more of her adventures, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.



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