Behind the Lens with: Kael Rebick

by Chloe O'Brien

Kael RebickHailing from Toronto, Ontario, Kael Rebick is a talented photographer with a passion for landscapes and her surroundings. When we first saw her Instagram feed, we were captivated by the contrast of close-cropped images and wide detailed landscapes. As you go through one by one, Kael has a perfect blend of spectacular cityscape and mountain scenes next to everyday simplicity such as a carefully placed latte under her lens. Her images are filled with vivid colors and thoughtful compositions of Toronto as well as her travels around the world.

With an impressive 300,000 plus followers since joining Instagram in 2010, you can find Kael online as her alias punkodelish. We sat down with Kael in between her travels to find out what inspires her passion for travel and photography along with her tips for other budding photographers.


1. How long have you been a photographer and what motivated you to first pick up a camera?

I have been taking photos since 2006 but I still don’t call myself a photographer.  I think I consider myself more of an Instagrammer.  I picked up a small digital camera I found in a drawer at my parents’ house and started taking photos of my father’s garden.  A few of those photos were in a local gallery show…I think they’re still hanging in the gallery. When I got my first iphone, I discovered mobile photography and it has been a passion of mine ever since.


2. What are your essential camera gear items on the road?

My most essential gear is my phone.  A few months ago I bought my first “real” camera.  I thought I should have one for my trips.  I’m still finding it to be a bit frustrating since I’m so used to my phone that does everything for me.  I have to get more familiar with all the settings on my camera.  The majority of the photos I post on instagram are taken with my iPhone.


3. How important is social media to your brand?

Instagram is everything to my brand.  I essentially wouldn’t have a brand without it.


4. What mobile photography app(s) do you currently use for editing and why?

I don’t do much processing on my images but I always use Snapseed to tune them up.  I also love the filters in VSCOcam.  I use the Picfx filters on some of my pics as well.


5. You post an impressive amount of images per day, how often do you find yourself stopping to shoot on a daily basis?

I’ve always posted a lot of photos on my Instagram feed.  I take pics every time I leave the house.  Everything I see if a potential photo.  When I’m travelling, I can’t stop myself from posting almost every shot I take.  I have friends who labour over every edit but I’m the opposite.  I want to share everything.


6. What is your favourite travel moment from your recent adventures and why?

My most recent trip was to Turkey.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was.  I think every moment was my favourite.  A friend of mine said that he’s so thankful he has photographs to document his experiences because it’s almost impossible to describe them accurately with words.


7. What is your dream destination?

I have so many dream destinations.  Right now I have my mind set on a trip to the UK – England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.


8. In your travels, which place has surprised you the most?

Turkey surprised me the most.  I had no idea the country was so varied.  I really can’t say enough about it.


9. Where can we look forward to seeing you next?

I’m going to be doing some travelling around Canada this summer and fall.  I’m looking forward to exploring more of my country.  There’s so much of it I haven’t seen.


10. What is the #1 tip you would offer a budding photographer who is about to hit the road?

If I was going to offer any tips I think I’d say, shoot what looks beautiful to your eyes.  That’s the most important part of taking photos for me…it’s a way to share what you see with others who aren’t there with you.  And photos are memories that you can never forget.

punkodelish instagram profile


A big thank you to Kael for sharing her photos and tips with us. To follow more of her adventures, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram.


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