What Do Berlin, Delhi & Sydney Have in Common?

by Daniel Nikulin
Tailor-Made Holidays Sydney

Well, besides all being world-class destinations with a lot to offer and being just three examples of places where we can tailor-make your holiday, not a heck of a lot! But don’t let that stop you from reading about why you should be visiting them all as soon as possible.

Remember, we’ve been there. We can tell you where to find the best currywurst in Mitte, how to avoid the crowds at the Taj Mahal and how to properly order a flat white in Sydney. But don’t take our word for it, give us a try! Our Tailor-Made Holidays are designed for travellers by travellers, whether you’re in Europe, Asia or the South Pacific.


Berlin, Germany

Whether you’re chasing cutting-edge art, music and design or important history and fine German engineering, Berlin’s sprawling relevance will surprise and move you. 

Stroll past thought-provoking art in measured splashes of sociopolitical commentary in vivid colour, adorning both gritty galleries and plenty of street-facing walls. Gawk at the brilliance of the Bauhaus movement in bold utilitarian designs that have transformed the once war-ravaged city into a gleaming metropolis. 

Tailor-Made Holidays Berlin Budestag

Retrace the steps of culture chameleon, David Bowie, who sought out Berlin’s intrinsic cool for inspiration on a sabbatical at the height of his career. Get lost in legendary night-day-nightclubs showcasing world-renowned techno till you just can’t techno no more.

Tailor-Made Holidays Berlin Trebi-tour

Feel Germany’s stirring history straddling the Berlin Wall and at Checkpoint Charlie, and admire its uncompromising progressive resolve. Like every great capital, Berlin is a complex concoction of cosmopolitan communities, hustling artisans and bustling neighbourhoods, best explored on a guided tour. Why not drive it in an iconic Trabant on a Trabi-Safari? Then, reward yourself with a crisp local Riesling, a sugary schnapps or some of the world’s very best beer.  

Flights + 7 nights (5* Hotel Palace Berlin) + Trabi-Safari Tour from $2184*  

From Toronto


New Delhi, India

Take a step back in time to a newly independent India of the 1950s. Regal and grand, The Claridges, New Delhi, was born, offering guests plush accommodations in a luxurious setting with tireless service to match. 


Apart from speedy Wi-Fi and LED televisions, the meticulously manicured resort hasn’t changed much. It’s a handsome throwback to yesteryear and the perfect springboard to experience all that Delhi and the surrounding area have to offer. 

Entrenched in the city’s mad scramble is a well-founded romance that’s hard to miss, especially with Agra and the Taj Mahal a mere three hours away. Here, you can stand in the greatness of the world’s supreme token to enduring love. 

Tailor-Made Holidays Taj Mahal

The all-marble structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, built more than 300 years before The Claridges, New Delhi hotel. Its astounding 42 acres include a mosque, a guest house, as well as the centrepiece, the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, for whom the complex was built by her husband. 

Flights + 8 nights (5* The Claridges, New Delhi) + Taj Mahal Day Tour from $2332*

From Vancouver  


Sydney, Australia

Every great adventure needs a starting point, and for those visiting Australia, Sydney is often it. 

Tailor-Made Holidays Bondi Beach, Sydney

When October’s chill bites into Canada, things are just starting to heat up in New South Wales. Famous beaches like Bondi and Coogee come alive with fervour. The Blue Mountains beg to be hiked. The waterfront is in full swing as harbour tours take in the iconic Opera House, the Sydney Bridge (which you can also climb!), and more.

Check out The Darling in Darling Harbour, a great spot for drinks and bites, a bevy of entertainment and exquisite river views. While you’re there, visit the teahouse in the peaceful Chinese Garden of Friendship, the Aquarium, National Maritime Museum, and heaps of other attractions. 

Tailor-Made Holidays Sydney Bridge kayaking

Another Sydney institution is Paddy’s Markets, a great spot to pick up a souvenir, and to choose from over 1,000 tasty food stalls that have been feeding loyal Sydney customers for over 150 years.   

Flights + 7 nights (5* QT Sydney Boutique Hotel) + High Tea at Sea Tour from $2799*

From Vancouver 


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*All prices are per person, based on double occupancy and include all taxes and fees. Flights and fares are subject to availability and change. Pricing is available from across Canada. 

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