Bleisure Travel: What you didn’t think you could get away with on business.

by Alyssa Daniells
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Bleisure travel. Did you know this phenomenon could be the best thing to happen to your business trip? (Besides Flight Centre Business Travel, you say? Thanks!) Spend five minutes reading this and you could be next to jump on board one of the biggest corporate travel trends.

What is Bleisure Travel?

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Combining work and pleasure puts the wind in our sails.

Travelling for business is older than air travel itself. Yet the phenomenon of adding leisure time to a business trip grew in popularity and acceptance only recently. What happens when you add business + leisure? Your money goes further, you strike professional and personal balance and turn a business trip into a business experience = bleisure.

(Arguably, it could also be spelled ‘bleasure’ – as this truly is the proverbial mix of business and pleasure.)

Bleisure Meaning & Value

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When in London, go from business meetings to Borough Market. Image credit: Mark Dalton

Love or hate this buzzword, there is loads to like about the concept. Beyond the bleisure definition, we’re talking about advantages both professionally and personally.

When you incorporate some leisure time into your business trip, great things can happen.
For example, it allows you to:

  • Tack on a few extra days in the place where you are doing business, which can give valuable insight into the country and familiarize yourself with its different customs;
  • Understand and relate to the people you do business with;
  • Reduce stress by allowing yourself personal time;
  • Improve relationships with a loved one by taking them along with you;
  • Spend less time and money than you would planning a separate leisure vacation, particularly when you enlist the help of a business travel agent.

Flight Centre Business Travel connects you with expert travel agents all over Canada (close to 1000!) so you can work with someone versed in your destination, who will provide valuable insider tips and recommendations. FCBT understands that some business trips are also about you.

Business Travel Tips

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Looking for balance? Bleisure travel takes you from the board room, to board!

Once you get your head around this awesome opportunity for business leisure travel, there are a few tips our Experts suggest you follow:

  1. Maximize the most of your leisure time by booking meetings Thursday and Friday, so you’ll have the weekend to go sightseeing.
  2. Take advantage of FCBT’s SmartSTAY program. SmartSTAY rates are also applicable if you want to extend on the same booking.
  3. Use the money we save you on the flight of the ticket, and take that few hundred bucks to enjoy a new city, or one you travel to on business regularly, but never get to explore.
  4. Add on a city food and drink tour, theatre shows, adventure activities, dinner promotions — Flight Centre has access to a multitude of excursions and with our buying power, at a great price.

Business Travel Trends

open for business spain shop bleisure travel work play relax siesta

See what’s open for business, even when you’re not. Image: Alvaro Serrano

Augmenting a business trip to include leisure time is an opportunity more of our clients are pursuing, and for a number of reasons. Still not convinced? Here are some things to consider:

  • There’s an increase in blurred boundaries in the workplace, with many employees working between home and the office, or from satellite offices;
  • Companies are recognizing the value of promoting a work/life balance;
  • There is a stress on well, stress! From mindfulness workshops to yoga classes, businesses are offering wellness at work;
  • Millennials entering the workforce have contributed to a more casual corporate climate.

It’s becoming clear that the business traveller needs include a personal, downtime aspect as well. More commonplace and appreciated by corporations of all sizes, perhaps it’s time to see if bleisure travel is a fit for your next business trip.

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Have more down time when the sun goes down. Are you down with that?

Contact a Flight Centre business travel specialist at a store near you, or call 1 866 940 0217 to learn more how FCBT can work for you, no commitment necessary and our advice is always free.

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