Bolivia and the Awakening of my Inner Child

by Emma Hackwood

Looking for a little shake-up from your daily routine? Our Travel Expert Cheryl Raeburn shares her recent experience in Bolivia, and how this trip awakened her and helped her find her inner child again.

I was getting soft; I hit middle age and was stuck in the rhythm of our Western life. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. My vacations included bathrobes, spas and pillow menus (yes, pillow menus).

When the opportunity presented itself for me to travel to Bolivia with Intrepid Travel, something inside of me shouted YES! I was stunned, why would I desire to leave my comfort zone?  I numbly booked it, all the while listening to my inner voice saying DO IT!

Laguna Verde Bolivia

I have always loved the quote “leap and a net will appear” so here I was leaping. My ‘net’ was Intrepid Travel, they took care of everything and lessened my fear of the unknown. After I figured out how to pack a backpack (roll everything!) and I picked up altitude sickness meds, me and my lavender eye mask were off! I admit it took me a good three days to acclimate to the altitude and culture shock, but when I did it was amazing!

Sucre Bolivia

“My inner child needed me to push back my computer screen, disconnect and go somewhere new and exciting.”

Intrepid’s Highlights of Bolivia trip delivered exactly what I needed, with views further than your eye can see. From ‘Dali-like’ mountains of 7 colours, volcanoes, hot springs, red and green lagoons, pure white salt flats and the bluest of skies, my imagination reconnected again.

geyser in Bolivia

I stared with a sense of wonder at the stars when standing hundreds of miles from civilization. I saw shapes in the rocks and clouds again. I sat on the tiled roof of an ancient monastery and watched the sun set behind the mountains. I remembered how great it felt like to explore, learn, and make new friends.

Laguna Colorada Bolivia

A surprise and invaluable gift when I returned home was a new appreciation for all that I had. So what’s my advice to you? Listen to your inner child and play with the world, you will be rewarded more than you ever expected.

“In every real man (or woman) a child is hidden that wants to play.”  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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