YYC’s New COVID-19 Pilot Project is Amazing News for Albertans!

by Emese Graham
two travellers on a lookout point admiring the views of calgary

We know many of you have been holding off on your vacation until you wouldn’t have to worry about Canada’s 14-day quarantine. Well, for folks living in Alberta, that day is almost here!

On November 2nd, Calgary International Airport (YYC) will begin a new COVID-19 pilot project that will allow travellers returning from international destinations to undergo an optional COVID test at the airport and stay in quarantine only until they get a negative result (typically a 2-day turnaround).

Afterwards, you can return to work and public spaces within Alberta as usual (provided you’re wearing masks where appropriate), then pop into a participating pharmacy for a second COVID-19 test 6 or 7 days after your arrival.

Compared to two full weeks of quarantining, this new option will give Albertans tremendously more flexibility!

In time, it’s expected that this pilot project will be expanded to other Canadian airports. Fingers crossed, it won’t be long before more Canadians can book their vacations with confidence.

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Looking for Details? Here’s How the YYC Pilot Project Works

  • The 26-week pilot project will begin on November 2nd
  • Upon taking the COVID-19 test, travellers are required to go directly into quarantine (at home or in a hotel room) and wait for their test results. Typically, results are ready in 2 days.
  • If the test result is positive, you’ll continue to quarantine for the rest of the 14 days. If the test result is negative, you are no longer required to quarantine, but you do have to stay in Alberta for the remainder of the 14 days (easy peasy if you live in Alberta already!).
  • You’ll provide daily check-ins and commit to submitting a second COVID-19 test after 6-7 days. You are also required to avoid large gatherings and senior care facilities, plus wear your mask in public spaces.
  • Participation in the project is completely voluntary. Travellers who do not wish to take the optional COVID-19 rapid test upon their arrival must quarantine for 14 days, as required by the Government of Canada.


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