Get the Most Out of Your Vacation with Captain’s Picks

by Emese Graham
group of friends enjoy tour of tuscan wine region

Do you know that friend that always has a cool restaurant recommendation up her sleeve? Or the one that introduced you to an awesome local musician before everyone else caught on? Imagine that, but for travel.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re a little obsessed with travel. We do it all the time! Lucky for you, we love sharing our adventures almost as much as we love experiencing them. That’s why we made Captain’s Picks.

What Are Captain’s Picks?

Captain’s Picks are a unique, enriching way to experience a destination – and every single one of them comes from our own journeys around the world!

Take Europe, for example. Whether you find yourself in London, Paris, Prague or Porto, a Captain’s Pick helps you to complete your holiday with everything you’ve come to see and do. From London walking tours of music legends and baking classes in a French bakery to pub crawls in Prague and Porto’s street art on e-bikes, you can make unforgettable memories.

So instead of spending your holiday time searching for things to do, talk to our Expert Travellers about including a one-of-a-kind Captain’s Pick experience in your getaway.

Some of Our Favourite Captain’s Picks in Europe

Tuscany Wineries & Small Towns by Vespa

man explores tuscan olive grove

Leave the dazzling city of Firenze to the scenic rolling hills, vineyards, and small medieval towns in the Tuscan countryside. You’ll scoot around on your own iconic Vespa, stopping off at ancient wineries and olive groves along the way. Savour a meal of Tuscan delicacies, paired with a glass of local Chianti, then explore a boutique winery for a guided tasting. This day will be nothing short of a masterpiece.

From $213

Baking Class in Paris

woman checks on croissants baking in parisian bakery

Why simply admire the work of Paris bakers and pastry chefs when you can become one for a day? Step into the kitchen with the experts and learn how to make the perfect Parisian baguette. Mix, shape, and decorate sweet treats with the greats, then see firsthand how the best buttery, flaky croissants are made from start to finish. Take a bite of your freshly made baguettes, hot out of the oven to complete this dreamy day.  

From $175

London Class Rock Legends Tour

happy woman tours london neighbourhoods

All you need is London. Enjoy an upbeat tour of some of the most significant neighbourhoods in classic rock history. Follow the music to John and Yoko’s first home, Paul McCartney’s current apartment, and of course, the immortalized Abbey Road crossing. You’ll visit the place where a young Jimi Hendrix died and see where legends like Freddie, Bowie, Clapton, Van Morrison and more lived. It will rock you.

From $100

Unusual Seville Sightseeing & River Cruise

plaza de espana

Seville feels like many worlds within a city, and it looks like one too. Get your camera ready. You’ll walk along the picturesque promenade of Plaza de España and the ghostly white walls of the Santa Cruz quarter. Keep your eyes peeled for the real-life backdrops of scenes from Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Your Seville experience wouldn’t be complete without a scenic river cruise, bringing you into the heart of Betis Street and Triano Bridge.

From $44

Porto Street Art by E-Bike

graffiti on porto building

Art pours out into the streets in Porto. Hop on a zippy e-bike and follow a local guide to the hidden gems of Porto’s street art scene. You’ll visit the first-ever legal graffiti in the city and see how street art continues to flourish and evolve where you’d least expect it. Pass by many of Porto’s best known historic monuments and neighbourhoods, as you get to know Portugal from a different point of view.

From $58


Looking for the tried and true? Speak to one of our Expert Travellers to customize your Tailor-Made Holiday with a Captain’s Pick today. Call us at 1-855-796-8359, chat us online or visit your local Flight Centre store

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