Choosing the Perfect Tour for You

by Daniel Nikulin

Let’s be honest, booking an escorted adventure tour is a commitment. It’s a financial commitment, of course, but booking an organized holiday, arranged by somebody else, is daunting to many, and rightfully so. Committing to a tour company you’ve never travelled with, a tour leader you don’t know and a group of strangers you will spend a week or more with may not be for everyone – but we think it is.

Today, tour companies offer many various travel tour styles, from slow-paced sightseeing to exhilarating adventure, from small-group travel using public transport to grand motor coach bus trips catering to many. There are niche-specific departures focusing on wildlife viewing or local cuisine, and age-specific tours designed for families or the 18 to thirty-something crowd. Cycling, sailing, festivals? They’ve got those too. These days, there is literally a tour for any taste.

With so many options available, navigating the world of escorted touring can be as formidable as jumping into a tour you know little about. But, if planned right, a tour package can easily be the trip of your life, changing the way you travel forever.

Value. Safety. Convenience.

What all tours offer, no matter the company or travel style, is convenience, safety and incredible value. There’s both safety and value in numbers, and the time spent organizing even half of what you generally experience on a tour would take hours to organize alone, making touring as easy and convenient as an all-inclusive beach vacation. So, how exactly do you choose the right tour for you?


Choosing the Perfect Tour

As a preliminary exercise, determine the limitations that can help narrow or even dictate the tours you should be looking at. Time, budget, wanting to stick with your age group or a specific activity will all dwindle down the countless options, and is a great place to start. Or, instead of making a list, simply check out our quick guide to choosing the perfect tour for you, below.


The Backpacking Free-wheeler


You’re easy-going, fun and adventurous. You are willing to forego some comfort for an authentic cultural experience. You enjoy meeting new people and trying new things and prefer to travel with other like-minded individuals. You want to see the sights but want some free time too. You are curious, flexible and outgoing and can go with the flow if an itinerary is unexpectedly altered. You are only limited by time and your modest budget.

The Power Couple


You work hard and travel harder. You’re in your physical and financial prime and enjoy the challenges of an active holiday. Like the backpacker, authentic cultural experiences are important to you, but settling in to a tasteful boutique hotel after exploring is just as thrilling. You travel frequently throughout the year but aim to take one big trip with your partner annually. You value quality and are willing to pay for it. This is your time and you know it.                   


Family Frolic


Nothing bonds a family like some quality time together. Family vacations help mold us. They teach us about the world around us and leave lasting impressions. They create some of our happiest memories and light an unending flame of curiosity and adventure in our youngsters. You remember your family vacations and want to create similar experiences for your children. You look for educational opportunities as much as you value connecting and fun in your family travel plans. Pack up the kids! 


Bucket List Busters


You’ve always travelled or have yet to take that big trip. You’ve backpacked Europe after school or always wish you did. You’ve raised a family and travelled together like you did when you were young. You’d love to return to your favourite places to see how they have changed. You aren’t limited by time and appreciate value. You have lived a full life but a new one has begun!



Grouping travel styles isn’t a science. Of course, we are all individuals and where we are in life can lead to an overlap in the above categories. Whenever possible, when planning a tour, it’s best to speak to a professional. Flight Centre travel agents do more than just make the booking. They ask about what’s important to you, what you want out of your trip and make suggestions based on their own experience as well as what matters to you.

Learning about you, they may suggest flying in a day or two before the tour departs, knowing the rush you’d be in if you arrived later, or how much you’d regret not having some time to acclimatize or to simply enjoy the town before joining a group. Having toured themselves, they may sway you from one tour company to another, knowing it’s a better fit for you.

Remember, these are life-altering trips that give you permanently itchy feet, and our Expert Travellers want your future business too. Get touring!


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