Contiki launches New Freedom Guarantee

by Emma Hackwood

We know life can sometimes throw unexpected surprises your way causing you to change your travel plans at the last minute; there’s nothing worse than losing your cash deposit on a trip you’ve worked so hard to pay off. But luckily our friends at Contiki Holidays have launched a new Freedom Guarantee for their travellers which is made up of two components – Zero Change Fees and the FlexDeposit, which essentially means no money lost, and no adventure abandoned.

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Zero Change Fees

Passengers booked on any Contiki trip now have the flexibility to change their chosen trip or departure with no associated fees to worry about. This means that a passenger booked to travel with Contiki has the flexibility to change their chosen trip, departure date or even the region in which they want to travel at no additional cost. If the price of the new trip is more expensive the difference will be owed, and if the new trip is less expensive Contiki will refund the difference, no questions asked.


Travel plans can be unpredictable and with this new program, effective immediately, travellers are given the opportunity to roll over their deposit from a cancelled trip and reuse that deposit in the form of a $200 discount towards future travel.  The discount can be used up until the passenger’s 36th birthday, or they can choose to transfer the deposit to another passenger who is also between the ages of 18 to 35. For travellers aged 36 and above, it can be used with one of their sister brands (of the Travel Corporation). 

In the past, travellers that had to change or cancel their Contiki travel plans would lose their $200 deposit and then would have to put down a new $200 deposit if they decided to book plans with Contiki again.  However, FlexDeposit has now made it possible for passengers to have the freedom and flexibility to cancel or change their travel plans without losing their deposit.

For more information on Contiki Holidays and their Freedom Guarantee or Flex Deposits, browse Contiki deals online, or talk to one of our travel agents.

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