A Beginner’s Guide to: Cycling Trips

by Emma Hackwood
Mountain biking view from the ground

Need a little adventure in your life? Want to be able to explore a destination completely at your own pace and off the beaten path? Then perhaps a cycling adventure is for you! From the different grades and styles, to how to prepare, we share some tips on what to know before you go:



Why Try a Cycling Trip?

A cycling adventure will change your perception of how you view the world by allowing you to see a destination differently.  Most times, you experience remote parts of a country such as villages and townships that you can’t always get on other guided tours. Going on a cycling adventure means you get to travel with like-minded people travelling together for the same purpose (a rewarding experience). Participant ages range from 20 to 80 years old (all ages are welcome!) and you can find out beforehand the type of demographic that you can expect on your tour. For cycling tour companies like Exodus, travel is done in small groups of 20 people or less to ensure safety, minimize environmental impacts, and preserve the cultural integrity of the areas visited.


Is a Cycling Trip Right For Me?

Cycling lets you travel at your own pace and helps you finish your trip more fit than when you started. You do not have to be super fit, as there are lots of different tour options for all types of health levels.  Each tour has local leaders with vital local knowledge, safety, tips, etc. There is usually one leader at the front and one at the back to keep entire group together.

How Should I Prepare?

Italy The team at Exodus recommends training for an hour to two hours per day prior to commencing your cycling tour so you get used to sitting on a seat for a long period of time.  There are comprehensive route notes and maps  provided to you as well as water bottles which are kept in the bus and transported with your bags so all you need to bring with you are a helmet, good trail runners, comfortable clothes, and a day pack. A gel padded seat cover or padded shorts are nice bonuses as well (but not mandatory). You can also buy water and snacks along the way when you stop into local towns and villages to help support those local communities.

Can I Bring My Own Bike?

Although you are more than welcome to bring your own bike, it is recommend to rent a bike for hire (which costs aprox $50 to $180 per tour depending on destination). With this rental you also have a support crew that follows you along your journey, and services your bike daily.

How Do I get Started?

It’s very easy to book a bike tour with Flight Centre and together we help you determine your Grade, Style and Destination preference. Trips are divided into four categories: Leisurely, Moderate, Challenging and Tough.

What Style of Trip is Right for me?

Cycling trip

Self Guided Cycling Holidays are perfect for couples, small groups or solo travellers and ideal for first timers. You can travel at your own pace and take time to enjoy the picturesque scenery and landscapes.

Small Group (Up to 16 people) are for the more active traveller. Routes avoid overly busy roads and terrain varies from flat to hilly. A paragraph of each day is broken down for you for your travelling convenience. Over 50 countries to choose from for tours.

Mountain Biking is rated challenging to tough and a good fitness level is required (as well as previous experience with mountain biking) The trails are generally along dirt roads, paths and trails.

Drop Bar Cycling is mainly for people interested in sport cycling and testing their fitness and determination. You will be exploring historic roads.

Chianti Italy

Cycling tours take you off the beaten path and provide you with a sense of fulfilment. It is an extremely addictive form of travel and many participants find themselves booking future cycling tours as soon as they complete their first one. To book a Cycling tour or find out more information, contact one of our adventure travel specialists at 1-866-940-2031 or connect with us online!

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