Destinations for Love – A Singles Guide

by Alyssa Daniells
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You don’t have to have a partner, or even a travel partner, to swoon over our top destinations for love. These are travel deals you’ll definitely want to “swipe right” on!

Read what globetrotting and lovelorn “Anita Mann” has to say about them:

1. Paris


Forget nightclubs and bars! In Paris, all you need is a good bookstore, and I don’t mean a chain like Chapters. It’s the antiquated shop, whose walls could tell a story just as beguiling as the ones contained in its books. These romantic relics of times gone by could very well have hosted the writers they sell. The rich history, the moody lighting or serene stillness of these hallowed establishments create an ambiance where catching a stranger’s stare creates chemistry. By dressing in your Parisian best, you’ll have more courage to ask that beautiful stranger for a coffee date. That’s like cinematic magic right there!

2. London

London UK

The famous London fog surrounds me in a dream-like cloud. London is a sprawling metropolis of 8.5 million people — and I am alone. But wait! Through the clouds there is sun– and a silver lining. This city is a solo-traveller’s dream — museums, galleries and pubs galore— and based on numbers, I may not be alone for long! No matter how many times I visit London, I can never see it all. Not to mention the places I sacrificed visiting, because my travel partner wanted to do something else. This time, I can do whatever I please!

3. Italy


The Italians know a thing or two thousand about love. First on my list was Rome— where the word “romance” is derived from, enough said! I tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain and wished for love to find me. In Venice, I realized a gondola is more fun with just one! I got so many “loves” on Instagram when I posted me sailing on Venetian canals with my entertaining gondolier. Finally, in Tuscany I made friends from around the world on my amazing bike tour and wine-tastings (ok, so the Pinot Noir might have helped.)

4. Hawaii

Hawaii heart

Didn’t think I’d say this when I see so many honeymooners in Honolulu and Maui, but I’m so glad to be travelling Hawaii solo! I loved every minute of my surf lessons, but there would have been a lot of minutes to count, waiting for me to get up on the board, by a restless partner! Hawaii might be enchanting and exotic, but being a US state, it’s still easy to tour on one’s own. And here, you will always get lei’d, tee hee!

5. Bali


Beautiful Bali makes my heart flutter. I’m sure there are many couples saying that about each other, but they’re not experiencing this South Pacific paradise nearly as much I am. You know how much time they’re wasting in their overwater cabins? I’m exploring majestic places and meeting friendly locals. I understand why Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love wrote about Bali under her “Love” category.

6. Australia

heart shaped coral reef in the whitsundays australia

Sydney. Clearly this is where the beautiful people are, bronzed on Bondi Beach. They’re so fun, too! After, I hopped like a kangaroo over to the Whitsundays. There is even a breathtaking island shaped like a heart! This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen —which is saying a lot, because as you can tell, I get around!

7. Quebec City

quebec-city-chateau frontenac-saint -awrence-river st.-lawrence-river

I don’t need a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride; the city is easy to tour on file. Although solo, I’m still in the mood for love. Self-love, that is. First, I’ll pamper myself with a spa treatment at the iconic Le Chateau Frontenac, then cozy up to a drink at the hotel’s gorgeous bar and enjoy some of the best views of North America’s oldest city.

8. New York City

new york city central park

I am meeting up with the girls in NYC for a weekend to shop, gallery-hop and eat non-stop! This is the perfect place for a girls getaway. We’ll also take in a Broadway show and go dancing, something their partners never want to do!

9. Mexico

tulum mexico beach mayan ruins


Our last girl’s getaway went so well, we’re doing a week on Mexico’s east coast. Our Flight Centre travel consultant found us the lowest prices on Cancun vacations. We drank margaritas and let our hair down in Cancun, took in the gorgeous beaches of the Mayan Riviera, followed by the must-see ruins of ancient Tulum. We can’t wait to return to Mexico, next time we’ll check out Puerto Vallarta. Whether I’m flying solo, or not, its beaches are some of Mexico’s best.

10. Caribbean

beach heart love

So many islands, so little time. I’m debating between Jamaica, or Dominican Republic. The beauty of travelling alone is that the decision is entirely up to me! White sand beaches with reggae music, or powdery shores with sexy Latin music? One stye of music I can grind to on my own, the other ensures I find a willing dance partner!

11. Las Vegas

las vegas nevada paris hotel the strip bellagio fountain

Las Vegas is the quintessential girls getaway or bachelor party destination. Word of advice: it’s worth staying in a nice hotel on the Strip. You’ll want your room to be an oasis, as you can only do so much gambling and partying until you need to rest and recharge. This will ensure you look and feel your best to attract members of the opposite (or same) sex. In other words, take advantage of the amazing Vegas hotels and book a room at one. Besides, you don’t know who else might be seeing it…

12. Spain


I thought the super sexy Spaniard beside me asked if I liked his thong. I realized he wasn’t talking about the cut of his swim trunks; the Catalonian way of pronouncing “s” is with a “th.”  Yes, I do like the song the DJ is playing; in fact I like everything about Ibiza. By day, I sip sangria on the sun-soaked beaches, by night I head to historic Ibiza town, followed by dancing till dawn at some of the world’s best nightclubs.

13. Miami


A glass of bubbly in one hand and my phone snapping photos in the other, who has time to hold hands with someone? South Beach, Miami has all the “s” words I need: sunshine, shopping, swanky hotels, sexy people, sultry bars, which lead to exactly what I’m after: self-indulgence!

14. Los Angeles


Lucky me, I’ve got my LA-dies with me for a west coast adventure! It’s easy to fall in love with this city; I’m starry-eyed and I haven’t even seen a celebrity yet! From people spotting, to amazing shopping, famous restaurants and beaches, LA’s vibe is both invigorating yet laid-back. They say that no one is from here, which makes it easy to strike up conversation anywhere you go. Let’s just say, this trip could get LAX-rated!

15. Costa Rica


Stunning Costa Rica strikes the perfect balance between serenity and socializing. I’ve packed so much into this holiday, from zip-lining over the rainforest, yoga on the beach and horseback riding with a fun group of travellers. This holiday is all about me—ok, maybe there’s room for some cute surfers, too.



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