Digital Detox with Intrepid Travel

by Alyssa Daniells
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Ahhh, vacation time. First, find a good Wi-Fi connection. Next, select a cool photo filter for your most envy-inducing pics.  Posting to social media is the next important step. Finally, it’s time to Skype home from your laptop and text friends. The sun is setting by now, but don’t worry; tomorrow is another day—to post more vacation photos!

For many of us, a significant amount of time is spent (and arguably, wasted) glued to our electronic devices. Being on a vacation is no exception.

Find serenity with a digital detox.

The innovative folks at Intrepid Travel came up with a solution. Their Digital Detox tours provide a unique break from distractions. Instead of the FaceTime app, you get real face time with your destination and fellow travellers.

In its Digital Detox inaugural year, Intrepid hosted a team of Flight Centre consultants. They bravely disconnected their devices to embark on an 8-day adventure of India’s Golden Triangle.

becky madsen india indian girl digital detox intrepid tours

Flight Centre’s Becky Madsen gets “face time” with a local Indian girl, while in the background other travellers are preoccupied by their digital devices.

The five fearless Flighties were Becky Madsen, Colin McKenna, Michelle Middleton, Alexandra Scholton and Kirstyn Thomas. Instead of viewing India’s colourful sights through a screen or a lens, they interacted with their destination, with nothing in between. By completely unplugging, they connected more to their vibrant destination and its people.

Check out the awesome video about it on the Flight Centre YouTube channel:

In the video’s opening, Intrepid’s Shayna Zane effectively captures the concept of digitally detoxifying. The Global Sales Manager explains, “Instead of being ‘in front of’ a monument, we were ‘at’ the monument.” Pretty powerful, wouldn’t you say?

Our daring travel consultants unanimously agree, disabling their devices enabled them to truly be present. In a country like India, with exotic sights and sounds at every turn, it’s especially important. You can be totally absorbed in your surroundings, instead of your handheld electronics. Stripped of devices and equipped with their five senses was initially challenging, but ultimately, a very rewarding, travel experience. It was a fresh reminder of travel’s purpose.

india kids indian children school flight centre intrepid tours digital detox

Intrepid is already known for its up close and personal tours. Digital Detox tours take this one step further.

So, are you ready for your own digital detox challenge?

Intrepid currently offers Digital Detox tours to Mongolia & Patagonia. Friends south of the border may check out the Hola Cuba – People to People for US citizens.

If you find India’s Golden Triangle tour, the one you saw in the video, appealing, it’s available, but not yet offered in the Digital Detox series.

Book your digital detox with one of these consultants! Click on their names to connect. They’ll find you the best prices, plus give invaluable advice! You may also visit at a Flight Centre shop near you, online, or at 1 844 855 9899.