Falling in Love with St. Lucia

by Emma Hackwood

St Lucia is indeed a Caribbean dream: a small, lush tropical gem that is still relatively unknown. One of the Windward isles of the Lesser Antilles, this paradise is situated midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain between Martinique and St Vincent, just north of Barbados. Flight Centre Travel Consultant Stephanie Bowers shares her recent experience there and why you need to experience it for yourself:

Simply Beautiful;what a perfect description for this Island. The people, food, culture, lush rainforest and beautiful mountainous scenery has made this destination one I will never forget.

The moment you land, you receive a warm welcome from every single person you meet. Whether you are a preferred guest at a hotel, or just browsing through the markets; the genuine kindness from a stranger goes such a long way.

Saint Lucia is a destination that can help you to fall in love with your partner all over again, or if need be, fall back in love with yourself. The land is rich in minerals and bountiful with many different kinds of fruits, vegetables, (and lets not forget the seafood!) Be sure to visit any fishing village on a Friday and you will be pleasantly surprised.

St Lucia Scenery

Saint Lucia is also very rich in culture, and true to their roots. Most of their resorts are locally owned and operated. This is something Saint Lucians pride themselves on, and there’s always something nice about knowing you are going somewhere that gives back to the community. Whether it is the Sandals foundation or another local program, school, or community outreach – they take care of each other.

Imagine yourself in your own personal villa with a perfect view of Castries. Colourful houses on the side of cliffs, and along the shore line with the blue Caribbean Sea as your neighbour.

 St. Lucia

En Route to Soufriere, one of the best ways to travel from Castries – I would recommend a boat, or catamaran so you can see all of the villages and resorts off the coast of the island. One of the best experience was being able to see the world renown Piton Mountains from their base on the ocean. These massive mountains are responsible for some of the most beautiful scenic views from resorts such as Jade Mountain and Ladera.





Soufriere is a small fishing village which is actually formed from a collapsed (dormant) volcano. If you are a seafood lover, this is one of the best places to be! A culture rich fishing village filled with markets & old cathedrals to marvel at. Stroll through the streets, or up the winding roads to visit some of the nicest resorts Saint Lucia has to offer.

 Soufriere, St. Lucia



Sulfur Springs

Ready to give your body the treatment it deserves? This is the beginning of a one of a kind experience. All natural mud, filled with minerals that enrich your skin, making it feel like silky soft-like butter once you’ve rinsed off in the all natural hot springs! This is a must-do experience while in Saint Lucia!

 St. Lucia

I can already feel my mind clearing and worries just fading away. Allowing yourself to completely relax with something as beautiful as the Piton Mountains as your view is a feeling like no other. Get your yoga on, enjoy an exquisite meal, or read your favourite book as you take in your spectacular view from the Jade Mountain Sanctuary.

 St. Lucia

Overall, Saint Lucia has stolen my heart – it’s hard to choose just one thing to love about a country that offers so much of everything! If you’re a family on a budget with small children, honeymooners, a couple celebrating your anniversary, or even just friends wanting a fun getaway – Saint Lucia will awe you, and have you planning your next trip before even leaving the Island!
Looking for more information on travelling to St. Lucia? Stephanie Bowers is an International Travel Consultant and St. Lucia Destination Specialist at our Square One location in Mississauga Ontario. Connect with her online, or call 1-866-566-9096.