Fare of the Month: Dublin & Paris flight deal

by Alyssa Daniells
flight centre fare of the month is dublin and paris two cities one price

Happy New Year! 2018 has only begun, but get ready to check a few boxes on your resolutions list with January’s Dublin & Paris flight deal.

Whether your goals for the year ahead are general:

Travel more in 2018 ☑
Go somewhere in Europe ☑
Save more money this year ☑

Or specific:

Visit the Louvre in Paris ☑
Practice French (language or kissing) with a Parisian  ☑
Taste Guinness or Jameson straight from the source  ☑
Take a Dublin literary tour ☑

You’ll want to pay close attention to our latest Fare of the Month.

colourful fireworks display around the eiffel tower in paris france

‘Eiffel’ good and you will too when you book our Fare of the Month in the New Year. Image credit: Joe deSousa/Unsplash

Given the close proximity of Europe’s countries and their dramatic differences, why not add an extra city to your travel itinerary?

This idea especially makes sense when two European destinations are priced as one airfare, like our featured Fare of the Month to Dublin and Paris. Serviced by Air France, this could be the most value-added airfare on the market right now.

Dublin & Paris match!

historic dublin at night cobblestone streets wet with rain and reflecting bar lights

Dublin at night. Image credit: Florian Giorgio / Unsplash

Think of it as a 2 for 1 airfare.

Choose your Paris flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Halifax or St. John’s. The low price point is only one advantage, the biggest being the free stopover in Ireland.

Air France and Flight Centre will whisk you away to the beautiful City of Lights. But first, we whiskey away to charming Dublin.

You don’t have to be a Guinness to know that adding a free Ireland stopover to your Air France flight itinerary is a smart idea, especially when you pair it with Paris!

One Airfare, Two Cities

louvre museum paris at night illuminated pyramid

Every traveller should make it a ‘point’ to visit the Louvre.

Enjoy cozy pubs and Irish stew one day, café au lait and croissants the next.

Simply decide how long you’d like to stay in each of these must-see cities, and your Flight Centre travel agent will take care of the rest. We’ll book you a day trip to admire historic castles perched on cliffs overlooking the sea. A few days later, it’s a picturesque trip from Paris to the Grand Palais de Versailles and its sweeping, manicured gardens.

From Canada, fly Air France to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) via Dublin International Airport (DUB), where you can enjoy a few days in Ireland’s scenic capital. With the frequency of flights on this much-loved route, you have full control and flexibility when choosing your preferred dates and times.

Speaking of preferences, if you’re having a hard time deciding choosing which European cities to visit on your next holiday, this Fare of the Month is a perfect choice.

soaring trinity library in dublin ireland storeys and stacks of books

Choosing this airfare is as easy as… well, a lot easier than choosing a book from Dublin’s famous Trinity College Library.

Let’s face it, trying to see it all can be complex and exhausting. This easy Dublin and Paris flight deal gives you cultural fusion, without the confusion!

Take full advantage of Air France’s stopover in Dublin en route to Paris and check some New Year’s resolutions as well.

Our Fare of the Month can’t be booked online. For more information, inquire with us online, call 1-855-796-8359, or chat with a helpful Flight Centre travel agent.

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