First Class Fare That’s Fair

by Daniel Nikulin
British Airways first class menu

If you think this article may be about finding a first class airfare that’s actually fair, I’m afraid you’ve been mislead. It doesn’t exist. And while most of us will probably never get to sit at the front of the bus, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what’s being served behind the iron curtain that’s so hastily pulled shut before all other cabins embark.

Starting in June, British Airways first class passengers get to sink their teeth into a tasty new menu item simply known as the “Flying Burger.” Designed by BA’s in-house chef Mark Tazzioli to specifically withstand the inherent flavour-loss we all experience at 30, 000 feet (taste is reduced by up to 30%), it has been a work-in-progress for months, trying to get it just right.

To keep the patty juicy and flavourful at a high altitude, Mark combined British beef chuck, cheek and onglet and dressed it up with Monterey Jack cheese, a smoky tomato relish and a gherkin on a brioche bun. Triple cooked chips star alongside the exclusive sandwich that is already proving to be a hit amongst their wealthy fliers.

While British Airways looks at hamburgers to embellish their first class bistro menu, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific has teamed up with local Michelin-starred restaurant Tosca (Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong) to bolster their business and first class offerings.

Through to the end of July, up-front travellers can savour menu items such as buffalo salami with frilled focaccia, seared beef carpaccio with parmesan crisp and other gourmet, classic and neo-Italian dishes. The exclusive menu is available on Cathay’s Hong Kong to Singapore route as well as their direct service routes to cities in Europe and the United States.

Let the first class menu wars begin!


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