Fear Not! Find Cheap Flights on Friday the 13th

by Alyssa Daniells

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Writer’s note: A selection of this post’s content has been updated from the original publish date of January 13, 2017.

 If today’s date has you shaking from fear, we have news to make you tremble with excitement. Friday the 13th is the best day to book travel. Find out more here!

Put your friggatriskaidekaphobia* aside, folks.

Infamously the unluckiest day on the Gregorian calendar, it turns out Friday the 13th is your lucky day when it comes to cheap airfares.


Friday the 13th is your lucky travel day

While you’re carefully avoiding black cats or guys with hockey masks today, make time to contact your travel agent. It could save you an arm and a leg. (Money-wise. Or maybe literally! Muhahaha!)

Superstition seems to prevail for people travelling on Friday the 13th. Statistically, flying is far safer than driving, however a great number of us still choose to avoid airplane travel on this date. In an effort to increase passenger numbers, and therefore sales, many airlines drop the price of fares for travel on this supposedly doomed day.

‘Get Lucky’ with lower prices on air travel. via GIPHY 

A quick search on our Flight Centre Canada website reveals flights to London Heathrow are indeed cheaper on Friday April 13th than they are on the 12th or 14th. On the higher end of savings, flights were 30%** cheaper than the same route the day before or after. The lower end of the spectrum still showed 5% savings on airfares that day.

In 2017, 5% savings were cited by a UK travel authority as well.

To ensure don’t miss out next time, the next frighteningly good day to fly this year is Friday, July 13, 2018.

Still not convinced? Feeling very superstitious?

No need for Superstition when flying on Friday the 13th. via GIPHY

There are other auspicious days for cheaper airfares. Domestic flights are generally less if departing on a Tuesday and returning on a Friday. International flights from Canadian gateways are priced lower on Thursday departures with a return on a Monday.

Maybe the more daring of you will book a Friday the 13th flight that goes straight to HEL! (That’s Helsinki International Airport’s code.)

There you have it; the (black) cat is out the bag. Regardless of what day of the week it is, Flight Centre is committed to finding you the lowest airfares.

*fear of Friday the 13th.

**due to airfare variances as Friday the 13th approaches, this figure may have changed.

Flight Centre expert travellers will always recommend the best product to you to ensure you receive an amazing travel experience every time. Visit us in-store, online or call us at 1 877 967 5302.

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