Gourmet Cuisine in France with Trafalgar

by Emma Hackwood
French wine and cheese platter

Joseph Arsenault recently went to France to explore the beautiful city of Nice with Trafalgar Tours and shares with us the amazing sights, sounds, and tantalizing dishes he experienced while there. This one will definitely make your mouth water for some french cuisine:

I just completed a breathtaking tour of France with Trafalgar Tours.  France is always spectacular, but a few of the little extras our tour provided really added a certain je ne sais quoi.

One dinner stands out in particular in my mind.  On our first night in Nice on the hilly Mediterranean coast, our tour had scheduled a “Be My Guest” dinner.  These are special “event” meals included in nearly all Trafalgar tours that are hosted by a local restaurateur and combine a great local meal with a more personal and cultural aspect – always a trip highlight, and ours was no exception.

Our spacious tour coach brought us to Nice’s Haute Corniche, the scenic, winding road that traces the crest of the hills behind the city.

We arrived at our destination, a racehorse farm-turned restaurant run by the same family for five generations.  As the owner told us the place’s history (and introduced us to the cat!) we were served a welcome cocktail of Champagne with creme de cassis and the local tapenade on the terrace.  The pace was leisurely, allowing us to fully take in the panorama of the medieval hilltop village of Eze in the distance beneath us.  Spectacular!

When we headed in for dinner, it was worth tearing ourselves away from the view!  After the appetizer they brought in succulent roast leg of lamb. They brought out the meat in a bed of rosemary and other local herbs, which they then lit on fire to our surprise.  I love some theatrics with my meal!  Once the little fragrant fires burned out, they carved and served, and it was every bit as juicy and flavourful as you can imagine.

All in all, a perfect evening – and one that I don’t think I could easily have arranged myself.  Thanks Trafalgar!

Joseph Arsenault is a Travel Manager with our Corporate Traveller division based in Toronto and can be reached by e-mail or calling 1 866 928 0619.